Sci-Fi Channel Sues NASA for UFO Info

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So is this all for the “buzz” or could something have happened here? When I see stories like this I really wish the govt. would just simply release the documents and end the sillyness. Something obviously happened but a UFO crashing I find hard to believe. But I also cannot see how releasing documents 35 years old is a security risk here either.

So whadda ya think? UFO crash and Sci-Fi channel is a digger of truth? Or metor landing and the government just doesnt want to be bothered?

I don’t know what happened here, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame the government for UFO silliness. It’s probably not going to go away no matter what.

Isn’t this just more conspiracy nuttery? -The documents they are asking for probably don’t actually exist and so they can shout “cover up! they don’t want us to see the documents” even louder when the (nonexistent) documents cannot be produced.

I have a feeling that the Kecksberg case mentioned by the Sci-Fi channel has been fairly comprehensively investigated;

**On 23 November, 1965, from a remote area deep inside the former Soviet Union, a rocket was launched. The payload was COSMOS 96, a satellite based on the modified Soyuz spacecraft, whose design was itself based on the diving bell.

Colonel Rodney S. Lusey, Deputy Chief of Staff, US Space Command, confirmed “A booster failure caused this satellite to decay after its launch. …COSMOS 96 was launched on 23 November 1965 and decayed on December 9, 1965, at 51.8 north latitude and 85.2 west longitude”. **

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There seems little doubt that despite the expected official denials, what was recovered at Kecksburg was indeed the fallen COSMOS 96 satellite.

Sounds like an attempt to get some publicity to me.

Say the government knows nothings and has told people they know nothing. Conspiracy people love that, it proves to them there’s something being hidden.
If it wasn’t UFOs, they would’ve been suing to get information on the secret power source of the Templars.:rolleyes:

May I be the first to point out that UFOs definitely exist: they are flying objects which have not been identified. Hence a UFO crash might be a meteoric impact. Whether any UFOs are actually alien spacecraft is the question.

On the subject of why the documents relating to ebaracum’s explanation are not released, it may be that they contain sensitive information regarding operational details of precisely how threats like these are dealt with, which could be used against the US. However, this is rather a straw-clutching exercise - it seems rather more likely that there are no further significant documents in existence.

See! You’re in on it too. Tell us what you know! :slight_smile:

While we are on the subject, I saw a UFO the other night and was wondering if anyone else in the Southeast US heard about any meteor or plane/helicopter crashes or saw anything. I am almost positive it was a meteor, but it must have been fairly close to the house, as it was about as bright as the full moon (and bluish-white), and could be seen through bamboo blinds by both me and my wife.

The first thought in my paranoid head was that it was a missle or something similar (possibly just a bright firework on an odd trajectory), but when we didn’t hear an explosion or anything, it made me very curious.

(and just to feed the conspiracy theorists) We heard several helicopters fly overhead towards the direction it landed shortly thereafter.

If NASA admitted that yeah, we have a shitload of evidence proving the existence of aliens including color film, a complete translation of the documents they brought to us, and an actual live alien who you can interview the Sci-Fi Channel could still make it boring and unwatchable.

Probably use it as a lead-in to John Edward contacting dead aliens.

"Does the name ‘Grakelfugnunneisster’ mean anything? Grakelfugnunneisster? Anyone? It’s definitely ‘Grakel-something.’ Grak…Gr…Kr…K…Ch…

“Something about tentacles. Touching tentacles? Tentacles touching? No? No one? No one in this entire studio knows a dead alien with tentacles?!”

Umm…I had calamari last night? :smiley:

Let’s assume for a moment that something DID land in Kecksburg and that the government DID send crews out to investigate it and they DO have files relating to the event.

(1) It’s possible that the item was, indeed, a downed Soviet satellite. We had an agreement at the time that we would not steal each others’ downed satellites, IIRC (I’ve read about the Kecksburg crash before). So it would look extremely bad if we, in fact, violated that agreement. How bad now, several decades later after the USSR doesn’t even exist? Maybe not that bad. But bad enough that I’m sure the govt. wouldn’t want it to come out if there was no other compelling reason besides public curiosity. (Should “embarassment” be covered by “national security”? No. But you and I both know that most govt. officials would prefer that nothing that makes them look bad becomes public knowledge.)

(2) If the item was a genuine ET spacecraft, then obviously we’ve been holding onto the darn thing for decades to secretly study/exploit it, and there ain’t no way in hell that the SciFi channel, lawsuit or not, will be able to compel the Feds to give up the goods.

In short, I can’t conceive of any way that this, or similar lawsuits could ever be effective. Really, what is there to prevent the Exec. branch from simply saying, “No, you can’t read those files–Natl. Security,” anytime it wants?

I demand that you give us all of the documents related to your family’s involvement with the JFK assassination, the sinking of Atlantis, and the tiny raccoon spaceships on the Moon.

Well? I’m waiting.

–taps foot impatiently–

If that were that case, I’d expect to see much more advanced technology coming out from the US military already.

The absence of such technology speaks volume.

What? You didn’t like velcro? I’m a big fan of velcro. It’s how I tie my sneakers, don’tchaknow…

Dang it, I was talking about 1920 style death rays :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yes, quite. Despite numerous threads to the contrary, there has been a dearth of those since Roswell. I’m very disappointed myself. :slight_smile:

Okay point taken…

Not really. Imagine you’re the US, and a superweapon falls into your lap. How can you use it? As soon as you do (unless you subjugate everyone on earth), the horse will be out of the stables, so to speak, and everyone will know that such a technology is attainable, and will immediately start an arms race to duplicate it.

We currently have a pretty decent security situation (and let’s face it–while terrorism sucks, it’s no angry, well-armed, Soviet Red Army). Why would we tip our hat that we had such a thing? We’d hold onto it, keeping it secret, until dire need forced us to use it. The less dramatic stuff (perhaps ways of improving existing technologies, like communications, materials science, aerodynamics, etc.) you leak out to defense contractors gradually over the years.

What would YOU do if you were the president and were told that an operational flying saucer, capable of outmaneuvering any earth vessel, impervious to antiaircraft fire, capable of traveling to other planets, and possibly armed with devastating beam weapons that cannot be countered was just recovered from a “meteor impact” site?

What would you do if you were Vladimir Putin or the Chinese and saw the USA employ such a craft in, say, destroying the entire Iranian army? I think you’d put your nuke commanders on high alert and consider a first strike to wipe us out.