Doper Ancestor Picture Thread

We have a Doper Picture Thread and a Doper Pet Picture Thread. Why not a Doper Ancestor Picture Thread for fun?

We married off one of my nephews last weekend. My dad was showing some old family photos to out-of-town relatives. I grabbed them and scanned them to email to other relatives. Here are some of my ancestors and other relatives. It’s kinda scary that I share genes with these people.

So, what did your ancestors look like?

My great-great grandfather Isaiah. I’m told I take after him quite a bit.

What a great idea for a thread. Sadly, our photos are all back in DC, but I wanted to give props and a bumpt to this.

No resemblence at all. He’s not wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt.

And he’s definitely got more hair.

This guy looks more like great-great grampy silenus. :smiley:

Why do you people want to shit in this thread?

My paternal grandfather. Some of you may remember him from this old thread.

Why do you people want to shit in this thread? If it sinks beneath the waves like a lead-ore steamship on Lake Superior, that’s fine with me. I just thought some Dopers might enjoy posting some old pictures.

Um…I thought that was what I was doing?

This here is my great-grandmother and her sisters, taken around 1900. I’d guess the curly hair I have must come from that side of the family.

Here’s a link to my two submissions.

#1 is me sitting on my grandfather’s lap, circa 1970. I must be about 3; he died when I was 6, so I don’t remember a lot about him. I never saw this photo until a few years ago. Even if it weren’t me and my grandpa, I’d think it was a beautiful picture: the lighting, his expression . . . a tender moment.

#2 is the same grandpa and grandma, holding my oldest aunt, their 4th child, circa 1939. Auntie is in her 70s now. (Apologies for the grainy quality; it’s a scan of a scan, and the original scan was sepia and inkjet, so I converted it back to grayscale to kill the moire. the splotch at bottom is where I took out their names that had been added to the original scan.) I just love Grandma’s pose; kind of uncharacteristic for how I remember her, a sweet, frail little old lady. But here she looks like she could kick someone’s ass.

Cookies: People are posting pictures of monkeys. Hardy har har. (I think Oslo double-posted accidentally.)

I’ve got a bunch of family photos I scanned in over Christmas. I need to get them up on the Internet, then I’ll post them here.

The only one I have up online is this photo. My great-grandfather is the one with Ed written on his leg, there.

Oslo: usually if you ignore those one or two silly posts the thread will pick back up in the original direction. At least they bump the thread a bit.

Here is some of mine from my mom’s dad’s line:

Great Great Grandparents (middle photo, centre couple - GGP is the one with the moustache):

Great Grandpa (Top left - Cowboy Deluxe):

Great Grandma Hazel (centre photo - third from the right end):

Great Grandma Hazel (bottom right photo, lady on the right):

Great Great Grandpa & Grandma and all the rest of the family (bottom photo):

I love this thread idea! Here is my family photo archive online! I’m really enjoying everyone’s photos.

He’s handsome, as are several other of the gentlemen in that photo. What year was that taken and are they part of a military band or what? And do you know where it was taken?

I’ll have to find the rest of mine, but these are the ones I was able to grab last night.

This is my paternal Great-great Grandfather and his family. The young lady in the upper right is my great-grandmother Susie. This is what Grandma Susie looked like when she was old. As you can probably tell from the photo, she was half Native American, but I don’t know what nation–just that her mom was from somewhere in the Northwest.

This is my paternal grandfather and grandmother. He is Susie’s son. She is pregnant with (I think) my Aunt Jan in this picture. He was in the Army during WWII. They ended up inducing labor with Aunt Jan so he could see her before he went overseas again.

Somewhere I have wonderful pictures of my maternal grandfather and grandmother, but they’re in a different folder and I didn’t get to look for them last night.

Is it wrong that I’m amused by the Nelson/Riley thing? :smiley:

Many of our family’s photos were lost in a house fire years ago. I really treasure the ones I have and am thrilled to share them. I also love seeing all of yours.

My great-grandmother (l) with her father and a cousin

Same lady as an adult with her 3 daughters My mother’s mother is the one on the right.

If this thread stays active for a while I’ll add more that I haven’t scanned yet. This is fun!

Ditto. My maternal uncle has been scanning family pics and gifting framed prints out in recent years. I just need to have him send me softcopies. There are some characters on that side of the family…