Doper Gifts - Free Internet Shopping!

Here is your chance to “buy” something for your fellow Dopers. Have you found the perfect gift for someone online? Link to it. See if they show up in the thread to squeal with delight. Kinda like when you walk through the store and see something that would be perfect for a real-life friend or family member. But on the internet, and free…

Remember, some folks will be opening theirs in the office, so keep the links safe for work or at least clearly labeled.

I will start this off with the perfect necklacefor olivesmarch4th:

For tremorviolet, with love:


Forget olives, that necklace is mine. Mine mine mine, all MINE. covets

(Oh goody! They ship to Canada!)

For my good friend, Johnny L.A.

Merry Christmas. For the next 200 years - it will take me at least that long to pay it off.

This penthouse on Broadway is for Annie Xmas. Very close to the theaters.

Silenus, I found a few things on the way home today. Hopeyouenjoy.

But you forgot the best part of Silenus’ gift!

Some things a man just has to take care of himself. :smiley:

For Skald when he needs to unleash them and for when he only wishes to intimidate.

OK, I’m bumping this once, maybe we’ll get some squee! on Friday.

Ellen Cherry, you have great taste in shoes and interesting taste in, um, other accessories.

For lorene, who’s had a no good very bad rotten couple of weeks. This should ease the pain of the stress fracture, numb the mouth AND kill those germs all at the same time.


Ha! Talk to Skald the Rhymer on that one. He’s always talking about unleashing them!

As for shoes, my husband would say I’ve never met one I didn’t like. NOT TRUE.

For Scylla, with love :smiley:

Should I mention that I order from these folks rather often? :smiley:
Rye, rifles and really hot sauce…the makings of a fantastic weekend!

You are so sweet! No joke, you made me need these

My gift, for TokyoPlayer: these and these.