SDMB Secret Santa Exchange

The ornament exchange reminded me to post this one, too! I have been in in for several years and thought this year I’d actually host it. So, blatantly ripping from Mama Zappa’s thread:

If you want to participate, email me at I’ll put this address into my profile.

Rules, Requests and Suggestions
[li] 1. Must be a member to participate (no “Guests” please) [/li][li]2. In your sign-up email, include your user name, your real name, and your mailing address.[/li][li]3. If you don’t hear back from me (either in the thread or by direct email) that I’ve added you to the list, remind me.[/li][li]4. If you are willing to ship internationally, please so state. [/li][li]5. In any email to me, please put “SDMB Secret Santa” in the subject line, as well as your SDMB username. [/li][li]6. When you send your gift, PLEASE wrap carefully to avoid disappointment on the part of the excited recipient [/li][li]7. Please post and/or email me when you ship your ornament and when you receive your gift. [/li][li]8. If you sign up and later find you cannot send anything, please let me know; this will (hopefully) reduce the chances of someone being disappointed. [/li][/ul]

Permission asked for and received from SkipMagic. So many people have hosted so many exchanges I’ve been part of, it’s time for me to pay back, methinks.

In #6 and #7, that should be “gift,” right?

I’m in.

Hints for Santa: books and CDs are the easiest ways to my heart. My wish list at Amazon is in my real name; used copies of anything on that list would be muy festivo. My favorite colors are green and purple; my totem animal is the flamingo; chocolate anything is always good; something from your area would be cool.

Oh yeah. I’ll ask for an edit, otherwise people will just get confused.

Ok, also - please post suggestions in this thread, and let’s make the deadline DECEMBER 2ND.

I’m in, as long as it’s gifts and not ornaments.

$10 limit, same as last year? Or can we amp it up to $20?

My favorite color is red, I like toys, I’m a fan of science, I’m an artist, and I’m extremely ticklish.

I like the $10 limit. I’d be willing to go as high as $15.

I would like to play, especially after the awesome White Elephant Exchange.

My favorite color is also red. I have a bizarre fascination with chickens. I really enjoy “local” type items – whether it’s music, food, kitsch, etc.

I’ll join in.

I’d appreciate something distinctive of your area, in an “off the beaten path” kind of a way.

Any foodstuff or holiday themed item should be kosher, please.

ETA: Since several people are saying their favorite colors, I’ll note that mine is blue. No wait! AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

I guess I should post my own, too.

  • I would love something shiny or glittery.
  • I like girly stuff provided there is NO bath stuff - I never take baths.
  • I also like DIY stuff. Currently I have a pack of turtle paperweights that require yarn and sewing. I would love to try a model ______. Just - I am not that good, so not too precise, please.

I’m in.

I’m a knitting Tudor nerd.

I’m in. I don’t like girly-girl stuff. I would enjoy something peculiar to your town/part of the country/local economy. Especially if your area is famous for chocolate. :smiley:

Surprise me!

E-mail sent.

I love office toys (funky pens, stuff to stick on your monitor, etc.), anything Think-Geeky, dark chocolate, dog stuff, stuff from your hometown, bright colors, comfy socks, kitchen gadgets. I could use a new mouse pad, but never seem to get around to picking one up.

I hope that’s enough to go on.

I’m in!

I am a total jewelry slut, the funkier, the better. I am particularly partial to earrings (pierced). I also collect itty-bitty kitties (i.e., small cat figurines). Other than the jewelry thing, I’m not very girly-girly.

I will contact you in a few minutes. Thanks for starting the thread.
I like all kinds of coffee and tea but I don’t care much for decaf.

I like chocolate as long as it’s not hard to chew.

I like purple.

I am not much of a girly-girl. I do enjoy stupid kitschy stuff like what you find at

I love alternative music.


Incidentally, what’s the deadline??

OK, I’m in.

My favorite color is red, I collect mouse stuff (like figurines), and I’m a rabid hockey fan (Carolina Hurricanes or anything goalie related). I’m not too much of a girly girl, but I do love Dove Promises, and sparkly hair things.

I will keep mine under the tree till Christmas. Be sure to let me know who it’s from!


I like girly and/or silly stuff, the colors blue and green, bath stuff, chocolate (HUGE sweet tooth in general), and coffee. Stuff from your state would be great. I’m very crafty, but I don’t know how to knit…yet.

I’m just throwing out a few ideas. Please don’t think you have to send me a knit-it-yourself Hello Kitty-themed bath oil, candy, and coffee holder with your state stamped on the back.

I’m in.

Favorite colors are purple or dark blue.

As I do every year, I will request a dragon.

Other ideas: Fun toy stuff, like Slinky, Rubik’s Cube, gyroscope, Magic 8 Ball (but not these exact things, as I have them). I killed the Sea Monkeys.

I have an wish list under my real name, if you can find it. I don’t know if you’d be willing to buy me the Complete Calvin and Hobbes, but there’s probably something.

A decent dragon calendar would be welcome (I can never find a good one). Or magnets.

I will forego the usual begging for mass amounts of chocolate, as I’m trying to cut down, but a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees or Dove Promises… drools

Bacon Salt?

December 2nd.

I will be responding to each and everyone of your e-mails by the way, albeit tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll post the first list of who’s in.

I’m in! Please post the dollar limit.

Me – uh . . .

I like to read, but not horror
I like desktop toys
I like candy but I don’t like coffee
I’d love something from your location :slight_smile:

I’m in!

I love this!
I am a total knitting geek. Who knew when I was a little girl I would grow up to be so farking cool? I wouldn’t expect a muggle to understand.

Knitting ideas: yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn. ( Lion Brand Worsted Weight or Lion Brand Bulky. I am partial to the Walnut in the first and Willow in the second. Those would be colors.There are nice ladies in the yarn aisles waiting to assist you.)
Amazon Wish List yes, there is a book in there on tea cozy patterns, why do you ask?

Non-Knitting ideas: ornaments, lip balm, hand lotion, fun and funky socks, hot chocolate ( see the Hot Chocolate discussion in CS.) Jane Austen, Jane Austen Action Figure ( Albert Einstein, too.)

God knows lists like this with my own family fall on blind eyes.
“What would you need a Jane Austen Action Figure for?”

“To save me when the Robot Holocaust starts.”

Oh God, I hope Caricci and I are each others Secret Santa’s.
Yarn Pron AND SDMB . I’m sliding…off…my seat…