Doper heads, help me identify this MC

I have been listening to RjD2’s album “Dead Ringer” a lot lately. In particular I have been listening to F.H.H. a lot, and I really dig the MC. His name seems to be Jakada Motormouth, but I can’t find a damn thing out about him. Is he part of the MHz crew? Where can I find more of his stuff? Anyone know anything about him at all? I am not huge into the hip hop scene, but am a fan of a lot of whats going on in the underground right now and am trying to find more cool artists. There seem to be a few heads on the boards, can any y’all help me out?

He’s name is Jakki the Motamouth. He is a part of MHz and he’s done some good stuff with Copywrite. He released an album God Vs. Satan this August but it isn’t on par with his guest appearances. I suggest you try finding some of his mixtapes to get the full picture.

Note to self: don’t reply while eating. I wanted to say “He’s Jakki etcetera” and ended up with this grammatical monstrosity. And preview is my friend.