Doper "King Bobo" has passed away

I am posting to let the SDMB know that Doper King Bobo has passed away.

I just received a call from the Calgary Police Service informing me of her passing. We had been in touch off the boards, and even met a few times; and the police found my name and number among her things. They called to inform me of her passing. Apparently, the medical examiner feels it was natural causes, though that has yet to be determined.

King Bobo was never a prolific poster, but I do know that she read the boards daily, and enjoyed being a part of the SDMB; so I thought I should let the boards know.

Damn- another one. Thanks for letting us know.

Aw man, what a bummer way to start the day.

Errr, that sounds rather selfish. RIP King Bobo

Oh - that is very unexpected. I thought she was just middle-aged - I’m guessing there must have been a health issue.

RIP King Bobo, indeed. :frowning:

I remember her. I’m sorry about your friend Spoons.

I remember her, even if she didn’t post that much.
Good bye King Bobo :frowning:

I’m so sorry to hear this. She participated in our Valentine exchange at least one year. :frowning:

RIP King Bobo. :frowning:

So sorry to hear this. RIP King Bobo.

Happens to all of us but still sucks when it does, RIP.

Very sad. Thanks for letting us know. The name does sound familiar. Just curious, about how old was she?

RIP King Bobo.

RIP, King Bobo.

I’d guess mid-to-late-50s. Personality-wise, she was much younger, I will say. But physically, she had been on this earth about 55 years, give or take.

Oh, dear. Does that mean you had to contact her family or something to tell them? How awful.

I do remember interacting with her in quite a few posts. I just always liked her screen name. That’s young to die. Very sad.

I think I remember some of her posts a long time ago. I’m so very sorry she has passed… :frowning:

I don’t recall her, nevertheless my condolences to those who were close to her.

She had a picture up on the SDMP picture site.
I hope she rests in peace. Thanks for letting us know, Spoons.

I never personally interacted with her, but I “knew” her around the boards. Always sucks to lose a Doper.

No, the police were looking after that. Part of the problem, though, was that none of her family was local–they were all overseas (she was originally from the UK). The police had contacted them, and apparently, they are on their way. But they were also contacting anybody she knew locally.