Doper Kopek (has passed)(Ruble in the MMP) edited title

This is Mrs. Kopek (Ruble in the MMP) with some serious news. I don’t usually post on these boards (except in the celebrity death pools) but I wanted to let you know that Kopek is in the cardiac intensive care unit in critical condition. I can’t go through the whole story right now, but he had an as-yet undetermined cardiac incident around 3:30 this morning and the paramedics and ER doctors had a hard time restarting his heart and breathing (numerous times). He is currently fully sedated, plugged into everything imaginable, and the doctors are most concerned about damage to his neurological functions due to oxygen deprivation. He is very sick.

If you’re Facebook friends, please don’t post on there; I’m still trying to reach a couple of people. I’m also going to post this to the current MMP because I know he hangs out there.

Good thoughts, prayers, etc. are all sought and fully appreciated.

I don’t pray, but I send all the caring and thoughts and hopes that I can to you and him.

I do pray, and am doing so now.

Give him my


I don’t pray either, but I will for {{{Ruble}}}. He is one of my favorite people.

Oh, no. So sorry. Take care.

Oh shit! The Doper I talk to most IRL. Hope he pulls thru okay.

Damn. If there is any way I can be of help, message me. I’ve never met you Old_Wench, but I’ve known kopec for a while (we met up in Verona/Oakmont a few months ago). :frowning:

Kopec and Old_Wench are in my thoughts.

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Oh, no. I’m so sorry to learn this. I like rubles. I’ve already said a prayer for him and for you and will continue to do so. In between, I’ll be thinking of you two.

I am very sorry to hear this very bad news and hope he recovers.


Oh,no! I hope he pulls through quickly. I met Kopek at Knoebels couple of years ago and he’s a great guy. Is it okay if I tell his coaster buddies?

I hope Kopek will be feeling better soon and pull through this. Scary stuff. :eek:

kopek will be in my prayers. And so will you, Old_Wench. This has to be an incredibly hard thing to go through.

Hang in there, kopek, you do not have permission to leave, yet. The roller coasters need you! Pennsylvania needs you! Unca Cecil needs you! Get better, NOW!

(((((kopek and old wench))))
(Sent from a different part of the jungle)

Heck, Amazon needs you! You get the credit for all my Amazon packages being on time.

Oh no. I’m wishing and hoping for both of you.

Sending love, and keen to hear good news.