Doper Men - how did you find out your SO was pregnant?

We Doper Wimmin have the fluid filled edition of how we found out we were pregnant over here.

But being an equal opportunity board and all, I want to hear how you found out the two of you were expecting! Did you guess? Did she set up some clever surprise? Puke on your shoes at the movies?

Tell, tell!

A few months after she had a miscarriage, she called me bawling her eyes out and I made out what she was trying to say through the tears. She was 1,200 miles away and we were in the process of breaking up. I almost puked.

I hope the other stories are happier than mine.

wasson, sorry about your situation. Mine is a little brighter, so I guess I’ll share.

Please bear in mind that, while this account is quite overlong, it’s the abridged version. I remember virtually every detail of the day very well.

My wife and I had been married for about a year, and were thinking it was time to add to our family, and give my stepsons a brother. It was just after spring semester had let out at the college where I work, and my wife came to visit me in my office during the day. She had a bad sinus infection that somehow worked its way up to bronchitis. She went in to see our family doctor.
She related to me how, when he wanted to do a chest x-ray, she mentioned that we were ‘trying’ and he had her do a pregnancy test, just to be safe. Turns out it was positive.

I jumped out of my seat, and almost tackled her, wrapping her up in my gentlest bear hug and smothered her in kisses. We made enough of a scene that the attendees of a financial aid conference that were passing by my office stopped and stared at us through the glass door, and then mentioned to my assistant that someone should give me a ‘good talking to’ for the PDA.

Fortunately no one saw fit to slap me with a ‘hostile work environment’ complaint though HR.

We were trying, so she went in for a test (this was before home pregnancy tests). She phoned me at work as soon as she found out. I was delighted, of course.

My soon to be wife had been dating about 4 weeks when she realized she was late and went and got a test to prove she was being “silly” and “paranoid”. She wasn’t. She was at work and we were chatting on AIM. She went to go pee, apparently on a stick, and when she came back, I realized something was wrong from our conversation. It took a while, but I finally figured it out. I guess my boys really can swim. I found out over AIM. Lucky me.

Ok, forced to correct something to protect my wife’s innocence. We’ve known each other almost 15 years and we’d dated for a year in the past. We just went our seperate ways for a while, there was some growing up to do. She felt like I made her sound very naughty, and she is really a sweet, delicate flower of womanhood.

I dunno … your name kinda gives you away there, pal.

Before our first child, she had a couple of miscarriages.

First kid (boy), she felt funny, took a test, positive. Turns out we were trying, I just didn’t know about it. :smiley:

We were trying for a second, and she had another miscarriage.

Second kid (boy), again, she felt funny, took a test, positive.

Third kid, we definitely weren’t trying, but there was this thing called Parents Night Out, where you could drop off your kids and they’d have games, movies, etc. Well, instead of Parents Night Out, we had Parents Night In, and bingo, she felt funny, took a test, positive. This time it was a girl. Yay!

I was there for all the tests, so there really wasn’t any “so, how’d she tell you?”.

The wife came running out of the bathroom crying (tears of joy/amazement) and clutching the white stick which I didn’t know she’d bought - we’d stopped using contraception over a year ago, but our sex life has never been terribly prolific, and I’d almost forgotten that we were “trying”.

Now we’re 13 weeks and a couple of days along, with the pictures to prove that it isn’t all some cruel joke she’s playing on me…

:slight_smile: Grim

She came into bed after peeing on a stick and said, seductively, “Guess what?”

And I responded “You’re paying for this, right?”
I’m sooo romantic.

Wow, Grim! That is such a fantastic ultrasound! How lucky it’s not the more standard blobs and smears. (“And this smudge is your baby’s head! See it? See it?” “Um…if I say no, am I a terrible parent?”)

Congratulations and good luck!

DLG, we all know your wife is a delicate flower of womanhood, and I don’t doubt your courtship was one of utmost gentility and respect. Before the wild monkey sex, of course. :smiley:

I told my husband when we were done with the deed that I thought it had done the trick, and he didn’t believe me. Seven weeks later, still no period, and I still insisted I was preggers and he didn’t believe me. So I got a test (it was positive) and just left it in the bathroom for him to find when he got home from work. Guess I’m about as romantic as CalMeacham!

We half way suspected that Mrs. Butler was finally (ok, only 3 months of trying, pregnant in the 3rd cycle) “knocked up”, due to her regular (fanatical almost) charting of temperature, and secretion descriptions. (NFP, in reverse).

The morning of the July NASCAR Louden NH race (which we were attending), she came into the bedroom early, waking me up with the news. (why it couldn’t have waited another hour or two, I’ll never know :smiley: )

Our little girl was born 3 months ago yesterday, and has to be the cutest (IMO of course! :smiley: ), and most perfect child I’ve ever seen (never cries, except when something is REALLY wrong).


Well, to be fair, your previous post didn’t mention whom she’d been dating for four weeks . . . :wink:

Always the last to know (ironic since this is usually my wife’s motto)

My three year old told me that mommy has a baby in her belly. My wife shared this news with our son thinking that he wouldn’t repeat it to me (and she would presumably tell me herself in the near future).

Houston, we have a breach in communications here.

Don’t worry, that’s next week on Maury! :wink:

I am so lying. My ultimate nightmare is to be on a “who’s the baby daddy?” show.

She thinks we’re trying, but I’ve been microwaving my nads for maybe five seconds every few days.

Joke’s on her!