When did you tell people you were expecting a baby?

Just curious …

We have told our closest friends and family (parents & siblings) but that’s it.

A lot of our friends are at work, and we don’t really want word to get out yet (I’m only 7 weeks along).

So, when did YOU spread the big news?


Three days ago. :slight_smile:

Ok, serious answer – We found out when kittenlm was about three weeks along. We told our immediate family within two days, a few close friends about a week later, and opened it up to the world at 6.5 weeks.

Yes, by many people’s standards, we let it out early. We’re just not that good at keeping good news under wraps, though.

Whoops, almost forgot…CONGRATULATIONS!! :smiley:

:slight_smile: hee hee … yes, I saw your “turkey” thread … Congrats to you too Hal!

I’m just a little superstitious I guess, and feel like if too many people know, we’re somehow jinxed.

I think we’re at about 6.5 weeks now … I’m not sure, still don’t understand how they figure it all out to be honest with you … I have TRIED, believe me.

The first child? I managed to tell no one, including the father, whom I was living with at the time, until about five weeks before she was born.
The second child…we spread the news as soon as we got used to it ourselves, which was when I was about 3 months along.
And congratulations!

Congrats to you, Hal and Stainz! Now with jarbabyj, that’s the hat trick, right? Usually people start asking what’s in the water, but I don’t think that applies here, does it?

I’ve always heard people say to wait until you’re through the first trimester, but we’re trying to get pregnant now and there’s no way I could wait that long.

I’ll tell my husband and my mother as soon as the stick turns color. Then, the in-laws and the rest of my family will find out after my gyno confirms it with a blood test. Soon after that we’ll tell our friends. Then my employer will find out about 8.9 months along. Gottagobyeseeyouin6weeks!

In crazy pregnancy time, you are already two weeks pregnant on the date of probable conception.So, lets say you probably conceived March 7th. The doctor is counting from the last menstrual period, around February 21st. So even though you’ve only been pregnant a month, you’d count six weeks. Clear as mud?

I had no idea when my last period was, but knew exactly when I conceived, because, um, there was only one occasion when it could have happened. The OB just counted two weeks prior to date to estimate last menstrual period (since my cycle was fairly standard). I’m 17 weeks today!

Check out The Pregnancy Calculator. It’s a little aplet that calculates dates and also gives you a little info on where you are in your pregnancy.

I had intended to keep the pregnancy under wraps but confessed to my mom almost immediately and she shared it with half the known universe. My husband also apparently has trouble with secrecy and shared with the other half. It would have been hard to conceal in any case since I started having morning (all day) sickness at 5 weeks. I wasn’t working, so there was no employer to consider.

I had originally thought I shouldn’t tell in case things didn’t work out, but then realized I would not want to be alone in my grief should that happen. I would want to talk about it.

When I got pregnant, we told our family and very close friends about a month into it. I had told my mother not to tell anyone, but she was so excited, she pretty much told our entire extended family. The friends got the word around a little, too. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks (don’t let that freak you out - I have other health issues that increase the chances of that happening). At that point, everyone would have probably known anyway through us, but it was very, very hard to get the bad news out. We called a bunch of people, but there were still those people you run into who kind of heard through the grapevine you were expecting and get all excited when they see you.

When I got pregnant again, we still told the same people at about the same time - about a month into it. This time, they were all very good about keeping it quiet until the standard 12 week date, although my brother had trouble with the secret and kept saying, “Why did you tell me??” Anyway, that was a successful pregnancy and we have the coolest kid evah (just turned 20 months).

Nutty Bunny, you and someone else need to get pregnant so that I can be the third of the new hat trick. I really, really want to have another baby soon…we’ve been trying for about 6 months now and no luck, yet.

Congratulations, Stainz! In about 7 months, your board name will be very descriptive of every shirt you own! :slight_smile:

Cool little applet - thanks Cyros - and now that I think about it, I agree with what you said about wanting to not have to hide your grief if something (Og forbid) were to go wrong.

**C3 ** … thank you for sharing your story.

#1 was conceived in late July. We told family at my husband’s birthday in November. #1 was born in April.

#2 was conceived in May ( we thought June…heh…musta been a good anniversary celebration or something.) and didn’t tell anyone until late september/early october, when I ‘popped’ out. She was born at the end of January.

I wasn’t afraid of miscarriage, I just hated everyone asking me suddenly, " How are you doing?" Like prior to pregnancy my health I was poo poo. (Of course, after you have the baby you are yesterday’s newspaper. Feh.) It also made it loads of fun to have a secret.

Pregnancy is such a great time. Enjoy it.

First time, told no one except immediate family. I’d had a lot of trouble conceiving and there was no assurance it would “take.” However, many people guessed, due to changes in my behavior.

Second time, started telling people almost right away. Big mistake. Miscarriage at 18 weeks. Major bummer when I got “so, when is the baby due, again?” over the next couple months. And when I got ads in the mail and telemarketing because some well-meaning person had put my name on a mailing list.

Third time, told no one except immediate family. Told others only when it was obvious that somethin’ was cookin’ in there. Successful full-term delivery.

So if I were superstitious, I’d say it’s bad luck to tell anybody until your 6th month.


I did not know I was pregnant until I had missed my second period and then some. I spotted on what would be the first day of my period both months, so I counted them as very light periods, and I just did not think it possible so I was not expecting it.

Well, my boss was a reall ass one Friday, and I really wanted a drink. A drink and some chocolate covered beef jerky. I had been toying with the idea of getting a pregnancy test because I was thinking I needed to get an appointment with the doctor to find out why my period was weird. So I got the test and I was pregnant. We wanted to wait another month before telling ppl at work, but I puked all over myself on Monday so I was late to work. I told then why. I thought I would never have a better excuse for being late.

It was interesting telling everyone.

I told my good friend about 20 minutes after I took the test. It took me 2 weeks to gather the courage to tell my mother. I don’t know why I was afraid to tell her since I’m done with school and am married.

I never really bothered keeping it a secret after that.

Congratulations Stainz and welcome to the Pregnant Dopers Club! There are a few of us floating around the boards… :wink:

I told my parents and my close friends as soon as I found out. I did wait until after the 1st trimester to tell neighbors and casual aquaintances. I had a couple of miscarriages so I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t have to “untell” those people.

My parents knew right away. They’d been visiting that day and I burst out of the bathroom straight into the arms of my dad. That Guy called his parents the same evening, my parents told my brother when they got home that night, I called my sister in FL the next day, went to work and told everyone there, and my other brother found out sometime later that week from my parents.

I don’t really remember how the extended family found out, but I don’t think anyone waited 3 months to tell them.


I told my husband five seconds after the double line appeared. I told my parents about a week later.

Almost everyone else had to wait until the end of the first trimester. I was deathly afraid of miscarrying so we just left it for a while.

Don’t worry. By the time you’re about five months along everyone will probably know whether you want them to or not. Most people are very sweet to pregnant ladies so enjoy it.

Crap. I was 8 weeks when I had my Official Examination maybe 2 weeks later. And then I had an ultrasound some time after that at which time they set me back almost 2 weeks and gave me a later due date. They were right, too; he was born on May 20, just like they said.

And congratulations to all you new moms and dads. :slight_smile:

5 or 6 months?!?!?!?

Hee hee … I’m lucky if I can keep my own secrets for 5 or 6 days … even the prospect of not telling anyone at work for 5 or 6 WEEKS is tough …


The day we found out.

For all I know, we may have called you :slight_smile:

We managed to hold off for about 3 months, but with extenuating circumstances…

Ms cantara conceived in the first week of September. We had been ‘trying’ since June, but only in a no-protection sort of way. After hearing friends talk about trying for ages and then giving up trying to get pregnant only to find out that they were taught me that the easiest way to try is not to try.
Anyway, she slipped down the stairs at home at the beginning of October and went to see the doctor after hurting her back. The doc wanted to do xrays and asked if there was a possibility of being pregnant. We conceded that it was possible and she did a test and verified that we were.

Ordinarily this would be cause to tell all relations, but we were housing Claire, my wifes bankrupt single pregnant sister who was due to deliver in a couple of weeks. Dramatic martyr that she is, we decided to let her have her spotlight and enjoy the attention that she gets. She had a cute baby boy at the end of October and we let her bask in the attention that is showered.

Skip forward to end of November for our first ultrasound and discover that we are having twins! Surely time to announce, no? We decide to wait until Christmas dinner where we have an audience of relatives that we would be telling, so that we are only making the announcement once.

All that said, we did tell a couple of people at work and neighbours when we found out it was twins because we just HAD to tell SOMEONE. We knew that these people wouldn’t have contact with any of our relatives to spoil the surprise.