Parents (or Soon-to-Be): How did you tell others about your pregnancy?

Breaking the news to Mouse_Spouse was not exactly anecdote-worthy. “My period is late and I feel very sick. Let’s get a pregnancy test, just in case.” Followed by, “Oh jeez. Its positive.”

Telling my co-workers was important, because of the nature our work and the substances we use (radiation, immunosuppressants, graduate students :smiley: , etc.). Once I had the doctor’s conformation of the home test results, I sent an email to Dr. Boss and some of the senior lab members. Word of mouth spread the news to everyone else on the floor. (Apparently, a few people who are aware of me, but don’t know me that well, were surprised that I’m heterosexual.)

Mouse_Spouse called his parents last night. He wanted them to know the good news as soon as possible. :cool:

I’m dreading telling my mother, and I have no clue how to break the news to her. Its best to tell her soon to avoid the whole, “Why did you tell your in-laws before me?” fight.

My husband and I knew before the test was pink, because it was planned. My friend & acupuncturist (same person) knew soon after, because at 2 weeks along, I sprained my ankle, and there are some acupuncture points on the foot and ankle best avoided during pregnancy, especially early on. I told my older son about a month in, when I was puking all the time and he was worried about me.

Everyone else had to wait until I was about 13 weeks along, just because I was nervous - I’d had three friends miscarry in the prior six months. It happened to be my birthday at the end of November, and I opened my presents at my mom’s house. When I got to the end, I stuck a bow on my belly and said, “Wait! There’s one more! But I don’t get to play with it until June!”

It took them a second, then my mother screamed and everyone cheered.

(As it turned out, I had a c-section 10 weeks later, so it seemed a VERY short pregnancy to my whole family!)

That’s just sweet!

Yep, Quartz is right. This is very cool. :cool:

Is a pregnancy bump (pun very much intended) in order here, or am I the only one who told people she was pregnant? :dubious:

My sister didn’t tell anyone until she was seven months along. She’s really scrawny, like I am, and I had told my husband the week before she revealed her secret that she was “filling out” beautifully, and envied the curves she was acquiring. Little did I know . . .

my best friend and I have all kinds of stupid sort of personal jokes about having kids

like, for one- we’ll walk around saying we’re conjoined twins, connected at the uterus and that we’re having a baby together. Or I’m carrying her baby, she’s carrying my baby, we’re both so inseparable that when God decided to create a baby, he couldn’t tell one womb from the other and so we each have half a baby… all kinds of stupid jokes. (keep in mind- we’re in high school so “I’m pregnant” is sort of akin to saying “I was abducted by aliens.” it’s usually a joke.) This was all before she got pregnant.

So one day, the phone rings.

“Izzy?” (that’s me)
Well you know how we’re connected at the uterus?"
“uh… yeah”
“well, you might be having some morning sickness soon. and your boobs will probably start hurting.”
“holy shit! Are you for real?”
“yeah. don’t tell anyone.”
(and then the ensuing “do your parents know? are you okay? will you stay in school?” conversation)

A few weeks later, she had sonogram pictures and we had this whole setup for the rest of our friends… I started going on and one one day at lunchtime about how I think I’m pregnant. In like the most dead serious manner i could possibly muster. And, now, everyone who knows me knows that I don’t even date, so everyone starts going on about how that’s not even possible… so I start off rattling off some symptoms “I… I haven’t got my period. I think my boobs are bigger. I sorta feel sick in the mornings.” and they’re all throwing explanations at me, “it could be stress, it could be lack of nutrition, it could be your imagination.” and then I kept going… “it’s not possible unless…” I looked at my best friend- “have you been impregnating our conjoined womb? I mean… someone must have been… there’s this.” and I pulled out the sonogram picture (which of course, had my best friend’s name on it) and started passing it around.

hilarity ensued.

oh, and there was one girl who was sitting there dumbfounded. “I don’t get it. You’re BOTH pregnant? or was Izzy lying?” … she understood after we explained it.

I freaked out on the first one. I actually drove out to my husband’s office to show him the two blue lines! I told everybody right away (much to the chagrin of every woman in my mother’s and grandmother’s generations…). We drove to my parent’s house unannounced and blurted it out. My mom hugged us and ran out of the room, returning with a really cute congratulations card. Apparently, she had been saving it… :smiley:

I know immediately if I’m knocked up- boobs hurt, wanna puke, bra doesn’t fit… yep. :cool:

My older brother and his wife told my mom on her birthday (Christmas eve) by giving her a wrapped box in which there was a baby booty.

Ironically enough, within 10 minutes, my other brother called my mom to say happy birthday and reveal that his wife was pregnant, as well. Neither brother knew of the other’s child.

Luckily, I had no such news to tell.

WhyNot, I’ve always loved that story.

We found out a couple of weeks before Christmas and decided to wait until Christmas Eve to tell our parents - my parents were visiting, and we spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws.

I got one of those digital pregnancy tests, took it, and then took a picture of the word ‘pregnant’. Then I got two frames meant for baby pictures, framed the pics and wrapped them up. We gave each picture to each set of parents on Christmas Eve, and let them each open it. It took a few minutes for them to figure it out, but it was a good way to tell them:).

We figure the next time, we’ll get Baby B a shirt that says “I’m Going To Be A Big Brother” and let him spread the news.


My husband and I were together for 11 years and had been married for 5 when I got pregnant.

I called my grandmother and it went kind of like this:
Me:Grandma, I have a confession
GrandmaBeast: Oh, no. What is it?
Me: I have to confess, I’m not a virgin anymore.
GB: Well, I’ve had my suspicions…
Me: What you told me is true, I had sex and got pregnant THE VERY FIRST TIME!
GB: That’s wonderful!

Then again, I told my mom my brothers girlfriend had a baby by telling her that I was an Aunt.
And I told her I was marrying Brenda (a coworker) without telling her I was going to be the Notary FOR Brenda and her fiances wedding.
And I called her after my first day of Real College that I had seen my first uncircumcised penis, with a very long delay in explaining it was in my drawing class.

I like torturing people, it’s fun.

My husband and I were in Spain at the time because he was in the Air Force and that’s where he was stationed. So I called my mother, told her she was gonna be a grandma for the first time, and let HER tell everyone else. She was happy to do it.

Some friends of mine invited a bunch of people over for an ice cream social. They had a huge stack of napkins, and kept urging people to look at the napkins. All the napkins had baby themes, cluing us in that there was more to this social than just eating ice cream.

Waited the statutory 12 weeks. No one knew except for the gynaecologist and my husband, although one friend ‘guessed’ and I confessed. When the time came, the announcement was made mainly by telephone and e-mail, seeing as most of the people I needed to tell were on the other side of the Atlantic.

A friend of mine decided to tell her family by having them all over for dinner and serving baby-themed food: baby peas, baby carrots, baby-back ribs, etc. Unfortunately, no one ever clued in, and when dinner was over she had to just tell them.

Mom guessed before I did, I was stressed and sick on top of being pregnant so I thought I was just stressed and sick… Then Mom told her family.

Dad found out in a roundabout way. I worked with the fiance of the son of an old family friend and since I was working with food certain things made me nauseus so I told them… and she told her fiance who told his mom who asked my Dad if he was excited about the news… I then got a call from him wanting to know wth she was talking about. He then told his family.

My roommates found out soon as I knew because I was freaking out about it. Then he proceeded to tell EVERYONE. Seriously. All our friends, to random people at the bar etc.

Nothing cute or anything, just the news spread like a brushfire soon as I found out and told the first person.

We told both my mother and my my in-laws in gift form. We gave them each a “Grandparent” picture frame with a “Coming November 24th” sign. After a couple of years trying to conceive, it went over big.

Everyone else, we just…told.

Unfortunately, in my current line of work, people announce that they are pregnant by leaving the room! (I work as a chemist, and pregnant women can’t stay in the lab, for their safety and that of the baby). A co-worker just announced she was pregnant a couple of weeks ago, got reassigned a desk job, and then told her and her SO’s parents about 2 weeks later. They wanted to wait a few weeks to be “sure” but the fact that everyone she normally sees on a day-to-day basis already knew made them just announce it earlier.

I assume, when the time comes, that pretty much the same thing will happen when I get pregnant!

SiL and Middlebro phoned everybody in minutes. They sort of have the “contact list” split, so each called a half of it. When he called me, the conversation went like this:

Me: 'lo?
Bro: :smiley: Hey, hi there! Guess what!
Me: You guys’re preggers.
Bro: :eek: :confused: How the FUCK didyouknow? Mom can’t have told you, I just got off the phone with her! Are you at her place?
Me: Nope, but we’re brujas, remember? Gratzafulations and merrimentations, you stud you.

  • Or, as greatgrandma the Astur used to say: Eu non creo nas meigas, pero habellas hallas. The absolutely non-literal transaltion would be “I don’t believe in magic but it doesn’t care.”

We gave my dad a “world’s best grampa” tshirt… when she was only like 3 weeks pregant. Yeah, we jumped the gun, but it all worked out. :slight_smile: