Doper Moms: Did you get breakfast in bed on Mother's Day?

I was awakened yesterday morning (Mother’s Day) at 7AM by 10YO mudgirl bringing me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.

I have a hand-made wine cabinet in my living room; the top is removable, and doubles as a serving tray. She had carefully removed the martini glasses, on-the-rocks glasses, and my hubby’s bottle of Scotch from the top of the cabinet so she would have a proper tray to serve me on.

Even though I have a grind n’ brew coffee maker, she asked me months ago to teach her to use it (though she doesn’t drink coffee). She also knows quite well that I’m much more likely to eat leftover dinner food for breakfast than to eat breakfast food.

So at 7AM yesterday, I was treated to: a melted cheese sandwich on a Pepperidge Farms Sandwich Thin, a piece of leftover meat-lover’s pizza (sufficiently warmed up in the microwave), a slice of whole-wheat toast with butter, and coffee with milk (she couldn’t find the Half and Half) and Splenda. Oh, and a glass of ice water. She knows I always drink a glass of ice water before I drink anything else in the morning!


What I had really wanted for breakfast was the lone pork chop in apricot-mustard sauce that was left over from Saturday’s dinner. But of course I didn’t tell her that! I ate what she brought me, exclaimed over how excellent it all was (she really does make coffee as good as mine!), and generally delighted in the fact that, at least for this Mother’s Day, she’s still young enough to think I’m the best Mom in the whole world!

So, American Doper Moms: did you get breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day? If so, what?

I did not get breakfast in bed. What I did get was a husband who took my two little boys out of the house at 6:30 am so that I could sleep in until 9:30. They arrived home with a huge cup of my favorite coffee from a local cafe. Heaven.

I don’t much go for breakfast in bed. I like MORE SLEEP in bed. Which, like C3, I got :slight_smile:

Also, 6-y-o Taller Girl completed 3 jobs from her chore board (the normal quota is one) - made beds for herself and the Smaller Girl, fed the cat and did a load of laundry.

Only 363 more days till it comes back again!

No I didn’t, what I did do was take my Mom out shopping and for brunch and teased Velociraptor (who is six) about him buying me breakfast. I bought for Mom, so he should have paid for myself and him. :wink:

No breakfast in bed, just Chinese buffet for lunch but I had myself double ice cream servings then came home for strawberry cake.

My daughter got me a laughing Buddha. She knows what I like.

The Boy and The Man are both late risers, so no breakfast in bed here. I enjoyed my early morning goof off time alone though, and we had a lovely late brunch at a local restaurant.

I got homemade chocolate chip pancakes, fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, eggs scrambled with salsa, and a large cappuccino (that my husband made).

For presents I got a lovely bead necklace (from my 8 y. o. daughter) , a drawing of a zombie-alien (from my 6 y. o. son), a poem (from my 10 year old son), and my 12 year old son put together a power point presentation about our last vacation.

Then they gave me the Sunday paper and left me alone for a while. Heaven! Then in the afternoon we went swimming (it was 96 degrees)

Some days it’s good to be a mom!

I only got breakfast in bed one time for mothers day, years ago. Never again, and I don’t know why. I expressed my surprise and delight when breakfast was brought to me, and also later in the day. It only happened once, though. (too cornball and comic-strippy for a hip dad and kid to repeat?)

Oh my! That’s nearly enough to convert me :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I did not. I probably have some time in the past - I reckon I’m just too old to remember.

I did have all my kids here at once, it was by accident. My oldest daughter just happened by to wash her car (she can’t do it at her apartment) and everyone else who lives here were home at the time.

Nope: didn’t get to sleep in, either. Spent the weekend at camp with the family: we all got up at 6am to pack up, ate breakfast in the camp dining hall at 7am, then went home. But my hubby made my favorite dinner Sunday night - chili. And since I had a rough night at camp, the kids did let me take a nap in my favorite chair.

Only if you count Celtling throwing up her breakfast in my bed. :frowning: We spent the weekend with a major nasty stomach bug.

No breakfast in bed. That would have been nice but I didn’t mind. I actually woke up early and went and climbed in bed with my 5 year old and snuggled. Then I laid about the house until 10:30 when the youngest was presented to me dressed and hair slicked to the head in a way that only a man can do, and we headed off to pick up the 9 year old (spent the night with uncle - his choice but I will admit to you that it hurt my feelings just a bit) where he was presented to me in the best clothes he could find, and hair that was slicked to his head. :slight_smile: That must be the international symbol for “here, we dressed him up for you.”

So then Lenny, Squiggy, the SO and I headed out for Mother’s Day Lunch and I, of course, made sure I picked something everyone wanted and had to give in on my beloved Indian food for the CA Pizza Kitchen. And while we sat there and the kids kicked each other and I worried they would knock stuff over and got loud my SO turned to me and said “Happy Mother’s Day” and it was the bestest ever.

You made me snort! LOL!

My husband took me and my kids out to dinner Saturday night and we had a really good time. Then Sunday, the girl vacuumed and mopped a couple of big rooms for me and the boy cleaned his room for real, including the closet! My husband went to the gym and walked the dog by himself and basically stayed out of my hair so I could read all day.

Shit, if I’da known it was going to be so great, I wouldn’t have made all those “Hallmark holiday” remarks. Long live Mother’s Day!

No - in fact, I ended up making fruit salad for the Princess instead. But I did get one homemade poster and 10 homemade cards, presented at various points in the day. My favorite was a sheet of red construction paper - on one side was a drawing of a cell phone and the words “To: Mom. Phone’s for you…” The other side had a drawing of me asleep in bed and the words “Who cares. Happy Mother’s Day from [the Princess].” :slight_smile:

Later we went to my sister’s place for a potluck, where my niece made a dessert consisting of strawberry cream cheese and sliced strawberries on round wheat crackers. I had three, they were so yummy. I had a good time just drinking a pomegranate mimosa (maybe it should be called something else if it’s not made with orange juice?) and hanging out on the couch with my cousins watching Iron Man cartoons. It was a nice day.

No, but I’m looking forward to them being old enough to cook. Newborn got up at 7:30, toddler got up right after, and toddler came to bed with us and the baby and we snuggled for a few minutes before getting up and making breakfast.

It was nice.

Well, you may be getting breakfast in bed well before they can cook! I cannot tell you all the Mother’s Days that I got something like a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with way too much milk, and a juice box or something. :wink:

Home-made cards are the best. This is the first year I’ve gotten a store-bought one from mudgirl. It was pretty, and I can tell she used care in picking it out, but it was still kind of sad. :frowning:

Kids came home to make brunch. Large quantities of thick slice bacon, pancakes, fresh berries and they cleaned the kitchen and brought a gift.

Pfft. Mini-Marli was sick and pukey and while I hinted around (read: said outright) to my husband that a clean house would be a very nice Mother’s Day present that would have cut into his busy schedule of playing World of Warcraft so it didn’t get done. My son did text “Happy Mother’s Day” to me, so that’s something, I guess.