Doper Space on Sale, previous owner in Twilight Zone

I went to work this morning, nothing special, just a little saturday job for some extra cash. I work as a gas station attendant, so you can imagine my joy. But that’s not the point right now. The point is that the entrance to work must be the entrance to the Twilight Zone because that is the only logical way to explain the freaky stuff that has happened today. Let’s see what happened:

A woman came in asking if we sold England flags (probably for the World Cup). I said “No, sorry” so she gave me the blank look for 2 seconds and just walked out.
Anxiety level = 2
Almost fifty cars honked their horns as they drove past today. Fifty. I still can’t explain that one.
Anxiety level=4
Two different old guys, on completely seperate occasions refered to me as “brother” when they came in. Kinda like “How you doing, brother?”
Anxiety level = 10
A man came to fill up his car and ended up putting more on the floor than in the car. I had to literally run up to him and stop him from pumping because he was just spraying the side of his car (It had slipped out of the “hole”) and even when I managed to get there he was happily standing there making his car a fire hazard. Just to get more freaky the amount of petrol he had pumped until I stopped him was exactly £25.00, on the dot. Do you want to know what my boss said to me afterwards. You should have let him keep pumping, he would have bought more. :eek:
Anxiety level = 99
And finally it was raining today… but it wasn’t raining quite right because where I was standing looking at the street there was rain on the right side but not on the left. It literally stopped (or started) raining along the road exactly at the garage where I work. :eek: :eek:

Anxiety level = 6000

If I didn’t know I was awake, I would swear I was dreaming.

Ever dance with the Devil by the pale moonlight?


Jeez, you Brits like to live dangerously. All our pumps are equipped with automatic shut off devices to keep just this sort of thing from happening.

No, actually, if you pull your nozzle out of the filler neck (petrolis interruptus,) the fuel keep flowing. It only stops when the tank is full. We’re not safer than the brits.

Sympathy for the weirdness anxiety. Hope things settle down.

If you get another day like that, try flipping a coin and letting it land on the counter. See if you can get it to land on its side.

I had a day like that, once. The individual occurences weren’t quite as odd as yours were, perhaps. But it was just strange that they all happened on one day…

I don’t suppose the man offered an explanation as to why he was spilling gas on the side of his car, did he?

I can remember he said something along the lines of “I was mesmerised by the display” :eek: It was still a strange day. I also have something else that happened, but I guess it could be explained:

My boss comes in every other hour to print out a receipt of the latest totals, but unfortunately our last till just died and the new one does print out a reciept. So he has to pull the master copy out and write the totals down. So he’s pulled it all out, and a customer comes in so he says, “Just wind it back up and then serve the customer.” I felt for the poor guy so I thought I’ll just serve him first then wind it up. I enter the amount into the till and then VVVVVUP the master copy just wound itself up. :eek: I guess it was because there is some motor that winds it as each transaction goes through to keep it rolled up, but for a few seconds I thought I had telekinesis.


Same here which is why I panicked a bit when he was still pumping and this little stream of petrol started to emerge from under his car. Still cannot believe someone would do this.