Doperball IV: The Subtitling

Hmmm…a lazy Monday around the office. Need something to pass the time. Hmmm…looks like a nice day outside. Warm, but not hot out…only a few clouds. Why, it’s perfect Doperball weather!

The main rules remain the same as in the three previous matches. For those who are new, here’s a quick rundown:

First, figure out what team you’re on. This is determined by the first letter in your username –
Team 1: A B C G H I M N O S T U Y
Team 2: D E F J K L P Q R V W X Z

Once the game begins, the first person to post has the ball. You can do whatever you like with it, but you must end your post by passing the ball. The next poster is the person who caught the ball. If it’s a teammate, great. If not, oh well, the other team has control.

IMPORTANT: When posting, you must either post the name of the person from whom you are getting the ball, or quote their post. This game creates a lot of cross-posting, so we need that quoting to follow who has legal possession of the ball.

In order to score, three consecutive teammates must touch the ball. When the third person has the ball, they can either toss it into the goal for a point, or pass it off to (hopefully) another teammate. If you choose to pass, and a teammate gets it, they can either toss it in for two points or they can pass as well. If a teammate catches this pass, they must put it in the goal for three points.

Be careful with all this extra-point passing however, because once you touch the ball you cannot touch it again until there is a score, or the opposing team gains control.

Once you score, the ball is tossed back into the middle and we begin again.

One other quick thing…if you’re one of the first people to post on a new page, please copy and paste the “Usernames beginning with…” team listings (it’s helpful to have it on each page, so you know who your teammates are).

Game is to 11, must win by two.

Oh, and if you’re not wearing a belt, then be careful of swampbear.

<TWEEEEEEEEET!!!> Game on!!

Oh boy! Sweaty shirtless doper men in shorts! Let me get comfy in my lawn chair and pop open a beer from my cooler. Perhaps I should rub a little sunscreen on those sweaty shirtless doper men…err… I mean my face and arms and legs. EWW! There’s that icky ball touching my shoes. I’ll just kick it out of the way…

Hey! A ball. I should really get back to programming… Let’s just get rid of this, then.

I throw the ball downfield to…

Sweatless, shirted, and female, sitting industriously in my cubicle, I’m blindsided by a ball that bounces off of the back of my head and into the goal. I’m instantly overcome with an odd desire to repeatedly chant “Go Team 1!” and the seemingly constant aroma of citrus.

Score one for the good folks.

Where did this ball come from? One of the cats must have found a new toy. >>Tosses ball to Sugar Magnolia, who trots through the wall with it…<<

Ok, swampy to CandidGamera to honeydewgrrl for the score! That’s Team 1 up, 1-zip.

And honeydewgrrl as the player to score first for your team, tradition hold it that you get to name your team. What say you?

And sorry, Snakescatlady…too late on that one. But, the ball is now back in play, legal to all.

Wow. Such an honor. I hereby baptize Team 1 as “The Soaring Naked Mole Rats”.

Ok, where’s all the sweaty shirtless doper men? I can’t just sit out here all day drinkin’ beer and waiting. Oh wait… yes I can! I swear, this icky ball just rolled right up to my shoe again. ICK! Somebody come get this thing away from me.

HOOOEEEEE! Doperball! Are you ready to rumble?? Grabbing the doperball, danceswithcats rushes downfield to the huzzah of the crowd <huzzah><huzzah> before tripping on a discarded beer can and heaving the ball to…

Hey now, what’s a game of DoperBall without a legend? [sub]swampbear, just one more point before taking my pants, k?[/sub]

JimSox5, donning the traditional shorts and tight shirt of Team 2, trots out onto the field and grabs the pass from danceswithcats. He looks around for a minute, and thinks he sees a teammate by the goal. He puts a mighty punt into the ball, which lands in the hands of. . .

:: catches the ball ::
and then…GOAL!!!

danceswithcats to JimSox5 to FaerieBeth for the score!

That 1-all, and FaerieBeth, you get to name Team 2. What’cha got?

Continuing that finest of all doperball traditions, I sneak up on Jim_Sox and while he ain’t lookin’ <PANTS> there goes his shorts. True to form he forgot his underwear again. :smiley: Whew! That was exhausting. I need to sit back down in my chair and open another beer. Now, where did I put those chips…

Mornington Crescent!!!

What? Ball? What …

:: Trips Over Ball ::


Team Two shall now be known as ** The Rabid Okapi Rage Machine**
:: retrieves the ball from underneath poor Ponder and tosses it ::

wanders into the thread, catches the ball, and hurls it back towards someone in the proper Team One uniform…

Very good…just to clarify the teams, then, we’ve got:
The Soaring Naked Mole Rats: A B C G H I M N O S T U Y
The Rabid Okapi Rage Machine: D E F J K L P Q R V W X Z

Tied at 1, with TRORM currently with two touches. One more and you an score again…

…and on preview, never mind, CandidGamera blew that idea. :slight_smile:

Oh my…propriety…such an unfamiliar sensation.

tosses the ball over her shoulder

EWWW! That dang icky ball just landed in my onion dip! Hmmm… MMMMM… ya know it actually improved the flavor! Licks onion dip off ball and tosses it onto the field where…

Intercepted! (I hope.)