Doperball III

Hum de dum…slow day. Heeeey, perhaps a little Doperball will liven things up!

Ok, since Doperball I and Doperball II were both blowouts, we’re going to try and change up the teams a bit this time around. As always, which team a player is on is determined by the first letter of their username. Here’s how the teams break down this time:

Team 1: A B C G H I M N O S T U Y
Team 2: D E F J K L P Q R V W X Z

And now, a quick review of the rules:

Get it? Got it? Good!

<Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!> Game on!

Referee Hal boots the ball to midfield, where it is picked up by…

Daithi, who shows his usual non-knack for sports and relinquishes the ball to…

Sorry…one other quick rule:

When posting, you must post the name of the person from whom you are getting the ball (help eliminate disputes that way).

Ok, game on! <Tweeeeeeeeeeeet!>

Draelin, who takes the ball from Daithi, fakes out an opponent, and passes to …

Team Two SCORES!!!

Zebra hurls the ball downfield where it is caught by

It’s good!

Team 1: 0
Team 2: 1

And in keeping with Doperball tradition, for scoring first Zebra gets to name the team. What say you, Zebra?

Nightwatch, who snags Zebra’s clearing pass but loses control of the ball when he is distracted by the hotness of…

JimSox5 came out of the locker room tunnel and stared across the field. He knew this place all too well. He was responsible for Doperball II. . .how many times while officiating this game did he want to jump in and play, scoring that last point to once again down Team One, in whatever incarnation they were this time? Too many. When he caught wind of this, he knew had to come. His family and friends, they didn’t want him to come back, to take that sort of risks, the doctors said he would never be able to play again, he might well die if he did. But there was no stopping him. Team Two, they needed him. He needed them. After putting on the shorts and jersey, he walked out on to the field, the crowd in hushed surprise. . .he looked around quickly for swampbear. . .no sign of him yet, I can leave my shorts untied. He walked out to the field and picked up the ball after the early Team Two score and smiled. I remember this game, he thought.

JimSox5 does a backflip then boots the ball towards the goal, where its grabbed by. . .

Err. . .I got the pass from Nightwatch, who is no longer on his team.

The pass if deftly sloten from JimSox and cleared from the zone to…

…grabs the ball from Omniscient and takes off…

Johnny Bravo, who is standing in the field soaking wet, after having just returned from a 20 minute trip to… and the ball smashes into his head, bouncing towards…

Psst! Johnny Bravo, name the person you’re taking the ball from. Right now, it’s still harmless’ ball.

JimSox5, a bit disgusted that his first pass was picked off, grabs the ball after bouncing off Johnny Bravo and hurls it towards. . .

Oh, come on, Hal, can’t you let him off with a warning? He didn’t see where it was coming from, it just hit him in the head!

Yellow card! You can’t card me! I’m a legend! :wink:

Sorry for the triple post, but I just realized I never got the ball from harmless to prevent the score. So, I’ll do that (grabs ball from harmless) and hurls it towards. . .

Draelin again, who catches the pass from JimSox5 and lobs it with surprising agility to …

Eddie comes running in from his chess match a couple of threads over and snags the ball from JimSox5. Eddie uses his knight to give it a good kick to…

OW! Where did this silly ball come from! I almost spilled my beer. Look Draelin I only came over to the field cause somebody told me JimSox5 was showing buttcrack. I ain’t playin’ ok?

I’m throwin’ the ball back onto the field. Somebody do something with it. Let me lick it first though in case some beer got on it.

Damn I’m slow, but Eddie grabs the pass from Draelin and scores!