Dopers appearing in literature/art?

Perhaps this will come as a shock to some, but there appear to be Dopers secretly appearing in well-known literature, plays, and other works! Have we been inserted into these tales and artistic endeavors without our knowledge or consent? Won’t somebody think of the Dopers? (and the royalties!)
For example, many of us have read the famous Mark Twain story, “The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnAgain”.

And of course, there’s the well-known play by Samuel Becket, “Waiting for Gaudere”.

And in high school, who among us was not required to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gaspode”?

And I can’t leave out Wagner’s musical masterpiece, “The wring of Nibelung”.
So what other Dopers have you spotted in literature and art?

Well, I cited bibliophage and whitetho (whom i’ve not seen posting in a long time) in a footnote to an article a few years ago - does that count?

There’s the undefinitive prequel to Dr. Seuss’s classic, Green Eggs and Hamish


It has taken 4 post for someone to mention All About Eve ???

While I prefer not to be killed, there is another book for adults based on the Roald Dahl works titled matt_mcl and the Fudge Packing Plant.


That reminds me. Must order more fudge.

And of course, To Kill A Mockingbird .

Of course… how could I have forgotten the Colin Higgins novel, “Harold and Maud’Dib”, which inspired the well-known 1971 movie of the same name!!


Did you find one of the golden tickets and get to go on the tour?

And of course the TV sitcom from the 70s, Maude’Dib .

Soon to be a major summer movie starring Michael Jackson.

Wasn’t that Halle Berry in Monstre’s Ball?

I think you have that sentence backwards… :smiley:

  • runs off, giggling madly *

And didn’t I see you in “Fiddler on the Rufus Xavier”?

Nope, but I did have a small role in Cat on a Hot Tin Rufus Xavier.

I seem to remember a great book called A Farewell to harmless.

Dial auntie em for Murder

I seem to recall a biopic about a year in the life of a Doper: “2001: A Sunspace Odyssey.”

I was an extra in Steel Maeglinolias.

I enjoyed staring in that delightful comedy with John Candy, Eonwe the Lonely.

“You know I love you more than mah chain mail…”