Dopers are the best people in the world - especially JimB and Grace

When I posted about my adventures in gardening last week, JimB and Grace offered to help me with my dirt moving. Well, this morning they made good on their promise to help and came over at 10AM. Grace even made it on time after getting stuck in the Krispy Kreme store and getting lost! Yes, she was even sweet enough to bring donuts! After giving them a tour of my house (I had to show off), we started moving dirt. Grace and JimB both left me in the dust, moving dirt - I swear they were moving 2 bags to my one. When we reached the garden with the bags, JimB showed off his manly prowess by throwing the bags into the garden. Ladies, take note! Grace and I chose the more feminine method of placing the bags over the wall.
We finished one pallet, and I declared a break for donuts - showing what a wuss I am. Over donuts, we discussed home improvement projects. JimB has a bathroom that is a plumbing miracle (or maybe nightmare). Grace redid her upstairs bathroom, then had the sort of amnesia usually related to chilbirth and is now working on the downstairs bathroom.
Then we tackled the last pallet of dirt. The cart I bought self-destructed almost at the end of the moving - JimB noted that such items were usually one project purchases. After we got the soil into the garden, Grace noted that she still had plenty of time before she had to leave, so we attacked the bags and emptied them all (unless one got buried there somewhere)

At this point, even JimB was exhausted, so we said our goodbyes and they headed for their respective homes.

I am constantly amazed at how wonderful the people that belong to this community really are.

Hi zyada-

First of all, let me say how much I enjoyed meeting you in Vancouver. I am still telling people about the two stores I went gaga over. You are a sweetheart.

I don’t know JimB well, but he does seem like a very nice man. And how kind of him to help you with your garden project…he must be wonderful, too.

As to Grace, she is one of the best people I know. It doesn’t surprise me one little bit that she helped you out, it is just like her to go above and beyond the call of duty to help a friend. She is a dearheart, and I am proud to be able to call her my friend.

Hope the rest of your project goes as smoothly!


I have some kilos that need breaking and transporting.
You interested?

::wishes more posters would be this willing to something for one another::

Thanks, Zy, for the acknowledgement, but it really wasn’t a big deal. A friend needs a couple of hours of my time can certainly have it. Besides, to get to spend a few hours with 2 lovely ladies like you and Grace, I’ll move the entire 2 tons of dirt by myself.

Scotti, they are both sweethearts, I just love hanging around with them.

[sub]PS: Mercutio, not wanting to disappoint and without asking “kilos of what?”, I’ll just decline. No hard feelings, I hope.[/sub]

I agree that Dopers are the best people. Sorry we didn’t come by to help Zyada, but we had to head home.

It was great meeting all of you, so great that we picked up a Sunday paper and kicked the idea of moving up there around. We are still discussing it !

We need to try to do a state wide dopefest one day.

Oh Jim, my hands are cold again honey. :wink:

I knew it would take a long time moving all that dirt by yourself. I figured it’d take us a few hours if we worked together. No big deal. Besides, I’m always happy to help a friend.

BTW, thanks Scotti for the kind words. You know I think the world of you.

I’m not sure I want to help Mercutio with the unknown kilo items. I suppose if I knew what it was, I’d consider it.

Hey Grace - maybe it’s kilos of chocolate. I could go for that! :smiley:

Mercutio, you don’t mind if a little disappears while we work, do you?