Who's helped move the most Dopers?

I’m wondering if it’s me.

In the summer of 2000, I was part of the fairly large group that helped pldennison and Peta Tzunami unload the truck at the Virginia end of their Cleveland-to-NoVa move. (Someone took a great photo of John Corrado crashed out amidst stuffed animals, and posted it, I remember. :))

Then when SqrlCub and dcnewsman decided last year that separate residences worked better for them, I helped with that move. (And now, I honestly can’t remember which one moved, and which one stayed. When you get old, your memory fails. ;))

Last summer, I also gave OpalCat and Undead Dude a hand with the move to their current residence.

And this weekend, I’ll be in the crew helping Weirddave move.

So after this weekend, that’ll be six Dopers I’ve helped move, in four different moves.

While on the whole, my services are restricted to the DC/Baltimore region, I’m willing to help out with moves further afield if you pick up my airfare. :slight_smile:

You just want a free vacation:D

I’ve helped the most Dopers…, yeah, that’s the ticket…, I’ve helped out eigh…, no fift…, I mean a million Dopers. And I did it without the use of my hand…, I mean arm…, I was paralized the whole time…



the title of this thread reminded me of that joke in MAD Magazine where this guy asks another guy to help him move his sister…just the sister. With a crane or something.

I have helped in five doper moves, not counting my own. Falc, John Corrado, Sqrl and DC and Geobabe (twice).