Dopers, what didn't Prince Charles do?

Buckingham Palace is vigorously denying rumors that Prince Charles did something. The problem is no one knows what it is that he supposedly did that he didn’t do. Did he not kill a man in Reno just to watch him die? Did he not appear in the Paris Hilton sex tape? What?

Dopers, what are your thoughts?

He didn’t read this thread for one thing.:wink:

Or this one either. Search is your friend.

Shoo-Wee! This is great. I never did like Charles. I hope he’s sweating bullets over this.

What Prince Charles has admitted to is adultery before, during and after his marriage to Princess Diana.

I don’t intrude on private individuals doing this (though I worry about the effect on the kids).
But when the heir to the UK throne and future Head of the Church of England does it, I think he is unworthy of both positions.

Wouldn’t that make a good number of England’s past monarchs unworthy of their positions?

And I’m assuming neither of them is missionary…

I’m pretty sure he didn’t obtain express written permission from the office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball before rebroadcasting a game.

Now he must pay.

I’ve heard that he tore the tag off a mattress.
Or was it the butler who tore off the tag, and Charles was attempting to help?

No no…

“He tore the fag off a mattress.”

Sorry, that really wasn’t meant to offend anyone.

I was going for something much sillier. See, I don’t really care what he is supposed to have done.

He didn’t eat his crusts.

one upped by lieu again.

He didn’t prove he’s fit to be King…once again. What a plonker.


He didn’t pass Go, and he didn’t collect $200.

Someday it’ll be much easier to bend the ear of the Church.

Umm, some of our monarchs have been stupider than some US Presidents (and that’s saying something! :slight_smile: )

  • Queen Victoria didn’t know lesbian sex existed
  • George 3 (I think) refused to give some promising colony representation…

Quick question. If I reveal exactly what the rumour is (in case anyone doesn’t know), will I get myself or the SDMB in trouble?

That sounds suspiciously like a paraphrase of “We know there are weapons in Iraq, but we can’t show you the proof”.

Maybe he didn’t comply with UNSCOM?

Maybe he got ****** *** ** *** *****.

In fact he did. Allegedly.