Dopers who long to kill, or fantasize about killing, certain groups of strangers

Your suggestion is extremely close to my suggestion (way back when I was in high school, decades ago) for peace in Israel/Palestine.

I love you as I love all Dopers, and I hope all Dopers want to improve themselves, as I do. None of us are perfect and all of us have things we can improve, such as (perhaps) recognizing weaknesses within ourselves like a possible unconscious desire for bloodshed.

Best wishes and love to you and your family!

Look, Chuckles, nobody is going to pay you to a dime to leave no matter how much of an asshole you are. But if anything was going to drive people from the board, it would be your poisonous trolling.

I agree. Unfortunately, the logistics of 100 blue dots in a red sea would be too tricky.

Yeah, but we’re not giving away all the National Parks to the “rural” part. I favor the West Coast republic, and everyone in Arizona can swap with New Mexico, so that we can extend a contiguous L-shape to get the Grand Canyon.

Kill All Spiders!

I know, right? Poor little defenseless me…

I’m convinced of this too, but I doubt they extend it to wanting to kill someone who “knock on their door wrong”. I think they secretly dream of an actual intruder/criminal entering their house and them saving the day with their gun, turning the tables and killing the evil guy. Or killing the terrorists in the movie theater.

Or of having finally a tyrannical government and them taking their weapons and rebelling heroically. But this is vastly less of a problem because 1) the tyrannical government part won’t happen and 2) if it happens, they won’t take their guns and rebel. They’re more likely to form a citizen militia to hunt down the traitors who oppose the new government and even more likely to keep going to work so that they’ll be able to pay the rent and feed their family, also avoiding in the process the unpleasant “being tortured in a secret prison” part of this rebellion thing.

I’m not sure it quite fits the OP, but near enough - I know it’s only a game, but several people fill their Celebrity Death Pool lists with (usually right-wing) politicians with whom they clearly disagree. I can understand that, I guess, but when it moves on to their families I do wonder if it is entirely healthy. And I’m no fan of those people myself. Sure, all death pool lists are distasteful. I think some are potentially more worrying than others.

This also might be a bit of a hijack, but I remember a while back a thread about “would you kill an innocent child to save your son / daughter” and it became a pissing contest of “I would commit continent-wide genocide!”
Fucking disturbing. And I’ll bet someone will reply to this claiming to not understand what’s disturbing about it.

That thread was linked to in post #27 (and discussed in a few others after).

Here’s another example, more articulate than most but no more mentally healthy:

“Of course” :rolleyes:

It’s those *other *people with mental health problems, the *other *law non-abiders, whose weapons need to be defended against or removed. Never those of the paranoid fantasist.

I’m not seeing anything in their about the desire to kill.

I would agree that Bone’s looks different than the others, IMO – I don’t really see any blood thirst, unconscious or not. If anything, I sense fear (with the caveat of the next sentence). It can be hard to read into motivations and emotions from text, but from back-and-forth with Bone about guns for several years, I gather that he and his family may have experienced violent trauma during the LA riots, and making sure that he and his family have the means of ensuring they never experience such violent trauma again strikes me as, by far, his highest priority and a repeat of that experience is by far his greatest fear.

Just my opinion. I like Bone, by the way, even as I think his views are sometimes wrong and even terribly harmful to Americans.

That’s disguised, though not very well, as a claim to be preparing to form “militias” and resist “tyranny”. That means fantasizing about killing cops, which necessarily means an element of wanting, or at least being willing, to do it. Sure, it’s mostly just Internet tough-guy posturing, but only mostly.

iiandyiiii, we’ve also seen Damuri Ajashi tell us, repeatedly, how just the sight of armed black people in the LA riots frightened him, and that’s why he needs guns. Without more than that, there’s no more reason to give credit for mental health to Bone.

I said nothing about mental health, and I would probably try to avoid doing that.

Oops :smack:

I take a history buff’s view of these questions. When people occasionally vent their frustrations by advising civil war, I point out to them that, historically, civil wars are extremely nasty unhappy things and seldom go the way you want. Most people who have experienced wars, and many of those who start wars, have a very different understanding of what’s at stake than they had back when the entire exercise was strictly theoretical.

I’ve been doing a Themed Death Pool - A List of Evilness for as long as I’ve been playing (which predates the current administration).
I personally found it upsetting to read other lists of sick and/or elderly celebrities, since, as John Donne said, “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind”.

However…there is no one on my list that I would mourn. I do not feel that their death would diminish me or anyone else - rather, their passing would remove just a small measure of despair and hopelessness in the world.

I do not “long to kill, or fantasize about killing, certain groups of strangers”. However, the loss of certain individuals would, again IMHO, hopefully tip the scales against their profound wickedness.

I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.
-Clarence Darrow