Dopers you Adore

In the spirit of the Pass the Hug thread…
Who are the Dopers you adore? Who you want to just give a big hug to?
<clears throat>

Arden Ranger and Mauvaise

Of course I’m going to name the other Triplet Vixens. :slight_smile: Thanks for making me feel normal,for letting me I’m not the only one, and for always listening without judging.

True Pisces

Said before and I’ll say it again…I miss our talks. You supported me through the dramas and were always a source of wisdom. BTW…I’m much better,Am, and I couldn’t be happier. :slight_smile:


For always being a friend and a source of support. For understanding how I’m feeling.

Crunchy Frog

For making me laugh so hard I cry, for arguing the finer points of baseball with me and for using two of my quotes as sigs. Hope you had a great Frog Ball Day.

Tygr,iampunha and Nicklz

For always being willing to flirt with me.

[sub]And now I will go into raptures over the Doper known as Stinky Paws. If this bothers you, skip ahead to the next post. Thank you and have a nice day[/sub]
Stinky Paws

Baby, you rock. For knowing how I’m feeling just by the sound of my voice. For reading my mind. For being there when I’m sad and need a shoulder to cry on. For making me giggle like a teenager.For playing “Seven Degrees of Jeff Hardy” with me. For marking out just as bad as I did over Raw Monday night.For saying Lita couldn’t hold a candle to me.For making feel special.That’s why you’re number one and Jeff’s number two.

I’m gonna second a vote for the Triplet Vixens. Mauvaise has been one of my favourites for a long time (as she well knows :D), hardygrrl, you’ve recently been catching my attention in various threads, and I’ve admired Arden from a distance for some time. I was quite excited when she responded to my recent loincloth-covered broadsword swingin’.

tiggeril, Falcon and reprise also have been entered into Mnementh’s Big Book of People who Rock

And finally, people I’d love to share a beer with (but wouldn’t hug if you paid me): MrCynical, Ad_Noctum, Mercutio, Upham, Maeglin, and Matt_mcl. That last one should be accomplished as of next week, too.

More to come as further bulletins warrant, I’m sure.

Well the first one is obvious:

**Nymysys **
For being everything I ever dreamed of and making me happier than I ever thought possible. For caring so much not only when I’m me but when I’m a dork and an idiot as well. For being a kindred spirit. For believing in me. For being you. For being The One. For your smile (and snort). Simply stunning. You mean more to me than anything or anyone in the entire world baby.
** Scotticher **
Still simply the nicest person on the boards IMO. She’s always ready with a kind word and a hand. She sees the best of people and is simply wonderful. And when you get to know her you find it’s all so genuine. Someone I’m proud to call friend.
Geez I’ll end up writing the SDMB War and Peace at this rate. activates concise mode
Great girl, makes me laugh. Great personality that she doesn’t give herself enough credit for. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks she rocks.

**shayna, chique, seadiver, demo, purplebear, doob… **
I simply adore them and I hope they all know how much they mean to me.
Why do I start these replies? I KNOW I’m going to forget someone…


I knew I’d forget people.

Mauvaise, tigg, gaudere, dyno, joeyH…
ARRRGH!!! I give up.

In the words of Joey: “I love you all”

Whammo for starting this thread.

– Funny things said during love making/intimate moments…

It’s my favorite belly-laughing, cheek hurting, nose snorting, laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying thread of all time.

[sup]By the way, is that a leg???
Bwaa haa haa haa haa haa :D[/sup]


Doob, you’re in there too. And you, as usual, may smack my ass freely.

I love you, Joey. Mnemysys, you too.

Goddamnit, who else…

I forgot a few…


For always being a sweetheart.


For taking a pic of Jeff for me at that house show.

GingeroftheNorth and jarbaby

For always being entertaining.

For the card you sent me when I was feeling low.


For the hug and all the coding fixes in my post party thread.

Oh, gosh, this could be a long list, and I apologise in advance if I forget anyone:

My Vixen sisters: hardygrrl and Arden Ranger, I couldn’t be in better company than to be a triplet with you two. I’m so not worthy. :smiley:

Mnem: I may have to start Mauv’s Big Book of People who Rock just so I can include you. :slight_smile:

Cyni: You’ve been such a good friend – thank you.

Fierra and Una: SDMB’s supercouple (:slight_smile: ). Your love is an inspiration.

dpr: For always giving me the unvarnished truth, whether I want to hear it or not. :wink:

Scotti and Shayna: two lovely women, whom I’m hoping to meet very soon and really give hugs to!

Strainger, Padeye, and jadailey: How could I not include my fellow Phoenicians? :slight_smile:

Odieman: For being such a nice guy … I wish for so much happiness for you.

And last, but in no way, least:

Dire Wolf: Words are inadequate to express even one of the reasons you belong on my Dopers You Adore list, let alone all of them. Suffice it to say that you head that list in big bold capital letters. [sub]as if you didn’t know :p[/sub]

I’m in the same category as jarbabyj? Are you sure about this?

Hugs (or some non-physical equivalent of same) to:
Arden Ranger
Crunchy Frog
Manservant Hecubus

Apologies… this is pointless. There are very few regular posters on this board that I don’t enjoy. All of the rest of you get a shmoop.

Wow. That’s a tough one, there are so many. I’m sure to forget some, but I’ll try.

Mr Bear, of course. These past 6 months have done much to erase the stark emptiness of the past year when you were so far away. You have been my life’s partner, the father of my children, and so much more. Ich Liebe Dich.

Vestal Blue, one of the very bestest friends anyone could ever have, and a tall knight in shining armour too. Your brave sword has slayed many dragons for me, especially this past year. I hope someday to be the friend to you that you have been so unselfishly to me.

Maidenunicorn, for all the ups and downs and late night giggles and confidences and being a great and special friend.

Pipefitter, another long time friend who has stood by me in good times and bad, and put up with my many moods and always found a way to make me smile.

dpr, Coldy, Falcon, weirddave, The Nerd, Ad Noctum for being true friends and seeking me out on ICQ and AIM just when I needed a friend, and for treating me like I actually have a brain too.

Paddy, a dear young man who prefers to flirt with my daughter, but always knows how to make me feel special anyway, and he can always cheer me up. <Great pecs too! :wink: >

Scotti,evilbeth, Shayna, Geobabe, Techie, Arden Ranger and many others for being the heart of this board, and always making me feel like I really matter to others.

rocking chair for your wonderful gifts to me, that always came in the mail just when I needed them most. I will treasure all of them, and the wonderful unselfish thoughts they represent.

Now if I were to name all of the drop-dead gorgeous HUNKS I have had the pleasure of flirting with Tygr, Mnementh, NothingMan, Ogre, Crunchy Frog, to name a very few, this post would be several pages long; so I’ll refrain at this time. :wink:

Because I’m that kind of girl, I’m going to use my 2000th post to single out a few of the Dopers I adore. Standard disclaimer applies: I’m sure I’ll forget someone and feel bad. So if you think I think you rock, include yourself here.

zyzzyva: My oldest, bestest, truest friend. I’m going to miss you when I leave CA.
Maeglin: For loving swords and the Classics and having firmly-held convictions. Even if you are an effete, snobby elitist. Congrats on the job!
Nymysys: You’re amazing, plain and simple. It’s so good to have you back… wasn’t the same without you.
dpr: Woo! Thanks for always asking how I am, and actually listening to my reply.
Scotticher: Truly a beautiful soul. And you understand why I want to go home.
Silver Fire: You’re one tough kid. I mean that in a good way! And I dig you for riding the lion with me. Caldazar too!
Simetra: You always replied to my sad lonely little threads, from day one. Thank you. And hey, nice package! (Hi Serendipity! You rock too.)
Nen: You and your invalid mutant snow angels. Did I ever say I was sorry for that? Nothing but the best for you, and always more.
All the BAD’s: Snooooopy for The Fly, Doobieous for being my piercing buddy, Sea Diver for the Charlie’s Angels, Sue Duhnym for Strip Darts and being the hostess with the mostess, Zenster for offering help with my resume/jobhunt, slackergirl for making me laugh, Jack Batty, the consummate Manie-iac (keep your head up my friend…) Demo and psy, wish I got to know you guys better, sorry I’m missing your cookout, woodstockbirdybird for taking me to the Fillmore, and for the homebrewed CD, pricciar for being one of the funniest, sweetest guys I’ve met.
oldscratch, wherever you are, I hope you’re all right.
Crack’dOff: Dunno if you lurk even anymore, but I can’t begin to thank you for giving me a place to stay while I was here in CA. You’re like my guardian angel.
Eutychus55: Keep RI warm till I get back!
Una: Woo! Look at Una! Thanks for the Unaboard. And Fierra, for making Una happy.
Mr Cynical: For your tireless efforts.
WickedBlue: I promise I’ll wave out my window at you soon. You make me laugh so often, it hurts!
tatertot, evilbeth, the Gang of Wimmins: It’s posts by you wimmins that got me posting here. Hope you’re doing well, tater and evilbeth, congrats!
saph: Bog dork!
Odieman: Another beautiful person… I’m proud to know you.
Esprix: I wanted to prove I can spell your name right! You rock.
matt_mcl: I so hear you on the job thing. Worked in an ice cream place for 6 years… hang in there!
chique: Good luck on the farm with grandpa.
Tymp: My favorite hairless beast in pleated trousers and a non-vented jacket. I’ll save my swooning for your premiere.
edwino: My omitidia are bursting with delight! Rock on with your sitar, ween… you’re my trivia god, next to zyzz
Mercutio: Will you finally chill out if you get to meet me at SLO? For a kid, you’re pretty damn cool.

And last but not least, virtee. You’re amazing. Thank you for coming home with me.

Thanks for bearing with me. It’s been a wonderful 2000.

These people make me light up when I see their name …

Wicked Blue for being the best possible combination of naughty and nice.

Mercutio for always making me smile and feel fuzzy.

MrC for everything. You’re a good man.

Astroboy for being lovely to me and saying I rock. You’re pretty damn cool yourself.

Redboss for being one of the most consistently funny people on the boards. I wish I had half your wit.

Evilbeth for just plain rocking.

Rasa for being one of the nicest people on the boards.

The rest of you suck. Hee.

I’d have to say Scylla. When I was really starting to post here it was during that whole election mess and I told him to go fuck himself, but he writes some really good, entertaining stuff that I enjoy reading and doesn’t seem like the bad guy I thought he was. I probably wouldn’t hug him, even though I bet the big ol’ lug is a real softy once you get past those thick conservative layers.

In a word, Nocturne. :slight_smile:

As far as the rest of you go, hell, I think you’re all great. I couldn’t possibly list all of my favorite posters, since you all fit that description.

OK, I’m done kissing everyone’s ass now. :wink:

Thanks Fran, you rock!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not going to post a list because last time I did in a thread like this I promised myself that I wouldn’t anymore! I always feel bad after I do because there are so many dopers who have enlightened me and made me laugh, and I inevitably forget to mention most of them…:rolleyes:

[drunk voice] I love you guys! C’mer! Headlock and affectionate noogie…[/drunk voice]

Thanks a lot! Finally got rid of ‘morning hair’ and now I have to start over again!

::stomps off to find a brush::

::stomps back in::

And since you’re here, AstroBoy, I just want to let you know I love reading the AstroGirl stories.

::stomps back out::

Chef Troy for being who he is (as if anyone could do any differently)

Aenea for almost undoubtedly finding these popularity contest threads as overdone, overblown, tired, sad and sick as I do.

My friends know who they are, they don’t need me to remind 'em every 15 damned days by telling the “ooo, whole board!!” how special they are.

“Then why post at all?” “To be contrary.”

Im rather fond of the folks that hang out on #straightdope.

Merc, Chique, MrC, Fran, Demo, Malk, tigerill Sorry if I missed any regulars. But I am especially fond of Rasa because she is so damn cool and sweet. Oldscratch for cracking me up and turning me on to some damn cool music (the go-nuts). Bear Nenno, and TruePiceswho are two of the three dopers I have met IRL. Even though we didn’t get to speak much they were a lot of fun. Of course my favorite doper is Brocolli! for coming out to see my band and hanging out. Hopefully he will get his sh*t together and have a party soon.

Purplebear, a very true friend who is always there for me, and without her, I would most likely would not be here. (Thank you my dear friend)

Scotticher Someone that actually wants to meet me (you’ll be sorry), make sure I give you a big 'ol hug whenever I get to meet you.

Falcon The one time I met her, she actually seems like a very sweet lady.

And anyone else I may have forgotten

I’ve met so many good people here.

I’ll start with the love of my life that I must turn loose of to seek her own happiness, Runadoc.

The next obvious is Grace, she is such a sweetheart and has become such a good friend and so much support for me. And she is so much fun to play with.

Zyada, my friend. Along with all the other DFW Addams family. They are all great people to be around plus all that have joined us. Y’all are all great.

And PurpleBear, what an adorable lady. So caring, I just love being around her.

Of the ones I haven’t met, Shayna & Scotticher. They are such caring people. And friends of Grace are special to me. Y’all are a great group.

I’m sure there are many others that I could name individually, but y’all are all a wonderful group to hang out with.