DopeStock '04

This will be the new thread for the South-East Doper’s Picnic we are planning on August 28th-29th.

The picnic itself will be on Sunday August the 29th, but some folks might like to join us the evening of the 28th for some fun/trivia/eats. This is just a reminder that if you are interested in coming in a day early, please let me know via e-mail if you need help with accomodations, or if not, let me know if you are coming in on that day, so that we can figure out where to meet.

Also is everyone okay with 2pm for the picnic, or would you like to have it earlier or later? We have to vacate the park by 10pm, so keep that in mind as y’all vote for a time.

Lastly, since we calling it Dopestock (which implies a music festival of sorts). Could someone bring a decent boom-box so that we can listen to some tunes, if we don’t have enough pickers present? I mean, I’m an okay picker, but I can’t play the guitar with my teeth, and I don’t think park management is gonna think too much of me pluggin’ up, even though my amp is only 15 watts! :smiley:


'Wavy" Quasi :wink:

Reminds me, I need to call to make sure my yurt reservation went through.

Oh, and I suggest you link to this thread in the original thread, and ask the mods to close that one, so as to avoid confusion.

Wow … I stumbled across this thread just as I was thinking " I needa vacation!!"

It’s possible that Mr. NinetyWt and I would drive up to Red Top for a long weekend. He loves the mountains … and we never did take a honeymoon.’

It looks like it’s only 6.5 hours from Jackson, which is do-able. I’ll talk to him tonite about it. Possibly we could pick up anyone along our route who’d like to car-pool. Looks like we’d take I-20 across Miss. and Ala. to I-59 Gadsden … then north along some state highways to Red Top.

We’d be happy have you! I will be posting a list of possible attendees a bit later this evening. Meanwhile, if you’d like to peruse the previous thread for a little more info, you can visit it here:

(I will encapsulate all of this in my next update, y’all)



Yes, I went back and read that one, thanks Quasi. Talked to hubby about it and he’s very interested. We’ll be polling the kids to see how many want to come with us.

I should still be able to make it, even if Dear Robert can’t.

How about if I bring home-made ice cream? :slight_smile:

The following have indciated an interest in joining us for this little shindig. As anyone who has ever been to a Dope-Fest knows, none of this is carved in stone sometimes until such time as we actually see everybody, so we won’t finalize attendance until a week or so prior. If you happen to know you won’t make it, however, let us know, and if you think you might want to join us and your name’s not on the list let us know that as well.

Robert (28th only?)
Geobabe and
UncleBill (both days?)
Quasi and
Friend? (both days?)
Bambi Hassenpfeffer
John Carter of Mars
Trouble Again (?)
** NinetyWt**, Mr. Ninety and __ kids (both days?)

If I left anyone out, let me know by e-mail or posting here, please.

And now, the facts:

  1. A picnic shelter has been reserved for the 29th of August. Cost is 40.00 to be divided among all of us.
  2. Park entrance fee is 2-4 dollars per day
  3. Torie is handling the food list for us. Please e-mail her and let her know what you’re bringing.
  4. Coming in on the 28th? Send me an e-mail so we can get together for some fun that night. If you need help with accomodations, ditto.
  5. 2PM okay with everyone for the picnic date? We have to vacate the park by 10PM.
  6. Looking for some folks to pick and grin and someone with a boom box so we can listen to some music.

If I left anything out, or if you have any further suggestions let me know by return post or e-mail me.



I’m a potential - depending on whether I’m working by then (and where - I’ve got resumes out pretty much nationwide). If I’m within driving distance and have the funds, I’ll probably try to make it - but I’ll let you know as we get closer to August.

The Econo-Lodge Cartersville has the loweet priced rooms I have been able to find. Their per night price as of 6.7.04 single occupancy is $39.99, and their number is 770-386-3303. I entered the dates 8.28-8.30 as arrival and departure dates for y’all who want to come in early.

I am not an employee of theirs and according to the rules here, I can post this because it isn’t considered SPAM as it is an SDMB-related event.

According to Mapquest, this motel is 6.31 miles from Red Top Mountain. You might find something closer (You might even find something in the park (lodge rooms), but it will cost you betwen 69-89 per night there), but nothing cheaper.



“Friend” now has a name, I am pleased to report.

She is known to us now as aquasunset, and you may welcome her [thread=260203]here[/thread].


Looks like DopeStock '04 is going to serve a dual purpose! Mr and Mrs. NinetyWt will be staying in a cottage at Red Top all weekend celebrating their honeymoon, and have extended and invitation to us to join them as early as Friday night the 27th for uh, “fun and games” (quotes mine) :D!

Y’all do know what that means, right Dopers? I mean this has got to be a first: Inviting a bunch of lunatics to crash a honeymoon! :wink:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m giving serious consideration to this invitation!


Seriously, (attention Torie) looks like we have a grill chef for our picnic as well. NineryWt has graciously volunteered the services of her hubby, who she says enjoys this kinda thing. (if Mr. NinetyWt needs anything special, please let me know, since I’m in charge of charcoal, and the basic grilling accoutrements).

Looks like we’re up and running, y’all!



What we REALLY outghta do is have a cooking contest.
Everybody bring their best …

The Gread DopeStock04 Cook-off - Featuring Nanner Puddin’. The Baby Jebus will weep with sheer joy !!!

Nanner puddin’???

I LOVES me some nanner puddin’!! I could do that instead of homemade ice cream too…

Uh, I can’t/don’t cook. Well, unless you count instant grits that is. Maybe I can bring some Kitchen Fresh Chicken. :smiley:

Dude, see my “what I’m gonna bring” post over on the other thread! Do you see anything there that I’m gonna prepare? Hell, no! :smiley:

But I will forgive your being culinarily challenged if you’ll bring me a bag of boiled peanuts from off the side of the highway somewhere along the way. I love those little suckers, but I don’t ever buy them for myself because if I ever get started, I know I won’t never be able to quit! :wink:

Therefore, if somebody else gets me a bag, why, it would be downright ungrateful for me not to eat them! :cool:

(I can already hear all the Lady Dopers goin’ “Boiled peanuts??? EEEEEWWWWW!”)

Y’all don’t know what you’re missin’! :slight_smile:

They taste like salty little taters to me, and there’s an * art* to slurfin’ em down!

Don’t worry about cooking, Bruce_Daddy, just show up with Lt. Torie and represent your state!


This automatically qualifies you to be a Judge. You can EAT nanner puddin’, can’t ya? :cool:

BTW you stay outta my beer cooler. You break too many.
just kiddin’

Yeah, I confess I don’t get boiled peanuts. But I don’t eat UNboiled peanuts either, so that’s part of it.

Apparently, my reputation proceeds me. :slight_smile:

Well now, she mighta been talkin’ to me, B_D. :wink:

See, at the GeoBills, I was so far gone I thought I was drinking my beer out of cans (Old Milwaukee), and kept slamming them against my forehead! Gave myself a subdural beeratoma!



Yaaaaayyyyy!!! I just got an email from them!!! I am emailing back directly, Captian!

I am not sure about Friday. I’ll see if I can work during the day then. I also must confer with Bruce_Daddy since it appears we are carpooling. :slight_smile: