Double Up Trivia on Twitch Sundays at 7pm Pacific; Condensed Versions on YouTube

Hi! After checking it out with the mods, I got approval to post this here, and I know there are some folks interested in trivia here, so:

This week will be Week #7 of Double Up Trivia, which I host at every Sunday at 7pm Pacific. It’s free of charge (no prizes, though) and takes about an hour to complete.

I know there are lots of trivia opportunities out there online right now, so I post replays on Youtube here - the replays are condensed versions of the trivia contest, so no scoring, short pauses between questions and answers, but all the trivia content is there. Hopefully it’s useful for people to figure out if Double Up Trivia is for them or not.

The scoring system, where the value of each question is based on how many teams get it correct - the fewer teams that get it correct, the more points the question is worth - should really shine as more teams join, so that’s why I’m posting here. Of course, every trivia game is better with more players!

Here are five sample questions from past weeks. (Again, ALL the trivia content through the first six weeks is in the Youtube videos).

  1. A modern-day version of a palimpsest is what toy which consists of a glass screen coated with aluminum powder that is scraped away to reveal the darkness within?

  2. While there may have been as many as 69 of these objects created, only 57 exist today; 46 of them were made for Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II as gifts. What are these objects, all produced between 1885 and 1917?

  3. What word, which comes from a root meaning “leg,” is a type of chess opening in which a player sacrifices one or more pieces in order to gain a more advantageous position?

  4. The two presenters for the Best Picture Award which was erroneously announced as La La Land were selected because it was the 50th anniversary of what film starring the pair as the titular duo, a film which got 10 nominations and two Oscar wins?

  5. An element in the periodic table is named after a state. Another element is named after a city in that state. What are both the city and state?

(If you want to post the answers, use spoiler tags if those exist here - I think they do, under the “gear” icon.)

Hope to see some new folks there - feel free to follow me on Twitch and you should receive a notification when I go live (usually around 6:45 Pacific on Sundays, with music before and trivia starting promptly at 7pm.)

Is it just on your honor not to use google?


  1. Ouiji (sp?) board
  2. Fabrege Eggs
  3. This is going to kill me
  4. I can picture them, but don’t know their names off the top of my head
  5. Berkeley, California

(did not look up on the net)

Yes, just on your honor - anyone can look them up. (I guess if that were to make you happy, go ahead!) But it’s intended to be on your honor.

Good job on 2 and 5. I’ll add the correct answers below in spoilers.

  1. Etch-a-sketch
  2. Faberge Eggs
  3. Gambit
  4. Bonnie & Clyde
  5. Berkeley, California (or Livermore, California)