Double Wammy (Hemorrhoids & Anal Fissure)

For the past several months I’ve been suffering from not only painful internal and external hemorrhoids, (they haven’t gone away in over a year) but also a nasty anal fissure. The pain when I poop is unbareable at times. There is also excessive bleeding; it’s not uncommon for the tissue to be soaked red. How at risk am I for infection from the open wounds in my bum? Also, what is a good way to heal a anal fissure? I don’t have health insurance, so a visit to the doctor is out of the question. :frowning: Thanks in advance to all the smart dopers out there.

Welcome to the boards Puppy.
I had anal fisures, and it took surgery to heal them.
Only a doctor can give you an accurate answer after an exam.

IME, without a doctor you’re hosed.

I’ve never had to deal with an anal fissure, but I’ve had hem problems before. Make sure you’re getting lots of fiber (I recommend Metamucil even though I hate choking it down) and see if you can get ahold of some creme called Proctocort or Proctosol. It’s like the butt cream of the gods.

I know it’s expensive without insurance, but if you don’t get some qualified help things will only get worse. The stuff sold OTC doesn’t do a damned thing. I spent probably a good five years trying to treat myself before going to a doctor. Two months and I was actually COMFORTABLE again. I had forgotten that things had ever not itched and burned and hurt!

-Joe’s butt


This will require a doctor visit, like it or not.

Check in your area for free or reduced price clinics that may be able to help you.

Medical advice such as this should not be handled on an anonymous message board. See a doctor.

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