Down South Dopers

No, that’s not the newest No Limit Records compilation. This thread goes out to all members of the Teeming Millions who live in the Deep South. That is, if there are any. I don’t know of any posters here that live in Mississippi or Alabama or Georgia. Tennhippie’s in Tennessee, but that’s kinda far from where I live.

( I’m in Jefferson, LA. That’s a close suburb of New Orleans, so for all practical purposes let’s say I’m in the Big Easy. )

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Pulp, “Glory Days”

There’s quite a few Texans who drop by.

And a few from Florida.

I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted another from Louisiana, but I can’t think of a name right now.

I’m, a caustic Noo Yarkah who currently has Raleigh, NC as his mailing address… Polycarp is here as well.

Yer pal,

I’m from Florida. So is TheRealBubba.

Well, I used to live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Right now, I reside in Savannah, Georgia, so my name should be on that list. Anyone else here from Georgia?

Personally, I’d have no problem living in a country governed by an evil dictator.
As long as I got to be that evil dictator.

I’m in Missippissi, originally from North Carolina. There might be more folks from MS, but it’s football season, & getting on to deer season, so they just might not be posting now…

I’ll be the first to admit Tennessee ain’t Deep South, but it’s South.

Florida, on the other hand…c’mon, y’all. The Sunshine State is southern by geography only. Yankee through and through. The only time a Floridian has grits for breakfast is when he gets sand in his bagel.

Just joshin’. I happen to be in love with a certain Florida gal. :slight_smile:

I live in Tennessee.

I’m not from Tennessee.

People here won’t let me forget that.

This might show up again; I posted it once but it never appeared.


Is that a local joke or just one of those things that I do a lot while typing a post?

Beatle; Well, to me it’s a “local” joke. But, don’t tell anyone, as I said, it’s almost “deer” hunting season…What I meant was Mississlopppy.

TennHippie: Yeah, OK, but when that big New Madrid quake hits, yer gonna be down here in the mud with the rest of us!

Houston, Texas, over here. I don’t know though, every time I hear the phrase “Deep South”, I think of places like Mississippi or Georgia.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m with #00 in the Big Easy. (Actually Chalmette. Don’t laugh, Fool!) :slight_smile:

White Wolf

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Columbia SC–but I’m a transplant. I was actually born and raised in Chicken Bone SC.

Spent most of my life in the South, including Shreveport and Baton Rouge, LA; Germantown (Memphis), TN; Wilmington, NC; and currently Silver Spring, MD.

I am somewhat familiar with the Chalmette/Arabi sections outside New Orleans because of duty at Jackson Barracks.

I live in Gilbert, AZ now but there’s a good chance that I’ll be relocating to Huntsville, AL in the near future. Regardless, I do get back to Atlanta (where I grew up and where my parents and sister still live) on a fairly regular basis.

Other Atlanta area Dopers (that I know of) include Doctor Jackson, StrTrkr777, GregAtlanta and TUBADIVA. I hope to set up a get together with the Atlanta Dopers (and anyone else who wants to make the trip) sometime soon. Gotta see how that Huntsville thing works out first.

Same as Satan, except he’s from Downstate NY and I’m Upstate (memo to Illinoians: just backwards of the way you use them). He also is my superior in the sardonism department.

Okay, we’re not Deep South. So what do we call ourselves? Stir-fried South?

Polycarp -

I know Memphis calls itself the Mid-South…maybe y’all could use that! (Although, I always consider TN the South, being a Yankee myself…)

5th generation Mississippian (at least!)
And, no, I don’t hunt!

Forgot to say–I’ve got the drawl to prove it!

Yes, Strainger is correct I am from Atlanta, GA. Let me know if you guys in Atlanta do want to do a get together and if I can work it out I will be there.

Though not likely as witty as the New York bunch.