Do we have a large Southern US contingent here on the Dope?

It always seems as if we have a great amount of participation whenever we have a Southern-oriented thread around here.

I know Sampiro, spoke, Liberal, Tuckerfan, and several others are Southerners.

Who else? Speak up, and let us know where you’re from.

I’m from Montgomery, Alabama, and currently live in Birmingham. In the state of Alabama, I’ve lived in Montgomery, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Scottsboro. I haven’t always been in Bama, but I’m happy to be back. :slight_smile:

Reportin’ in from the Peach State heah. Howdy Y’all! Jawja born and bred.

I’m Southern born and bred. I’ve been in GA for over 15 years, but spent my first 18 in NC.

Sauron and I are both in Birmingham, AL.

I think southern missouri counts as the northern edge of the south, so I’m here. 'course I was born 'n raised in Chicago.

You got it, Bubba. 1941-1959 Alabama; 1959-present Tennessee. Born in North Carolina while Daddy was in the army, but moved back “home” before I was old enough to know it. Besides, NC is Southern, too.

There’s a thread from a year or so back where Southern Dopers were asked to stand and be counted. As I recall there were a whole passel of us.

Mississippi checking in. Mint Julep is also here, as is Feppytweed.

I was born & raised here, 'cept for those 2 years I spent in L.A. But, we won’t talk about that. :wink:

Native Atlantan checking in. Well, native suburban Atlantan, anyways. We’re about as common as hen’s teeth nowadays.

I’ve always lived in Florida…Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Tampa, Palatka, and Gainesville.

Probably not local to you, but I just went canoeing on the Wakulla (outside of Tallahassee) this weekend. Man, what a special place. We saw manatees, 10-foot alligators, bald eagles, osprey, cormorants, ibis, great blue and little blue herons, green herons, spotted gar, and a wide selection of the local rowdy redneck fauna (they were all nice folks, though.) :slight_smile:

I’m a native Oklahoman, and I consider myself a Southerner. I’ve lived in Tennessee and in Texas, and nobody made fun of my accent in either of those places. But when I visited New York City and Chicago, folks thought I talked funny.

I’m in Houston, Texas. If that counts, so are Clothahump, Bridget Burke, Ice Machine, Rick and several others.

Also Houston…

Of the places you mention, what’s your favorite and why?

Before you answer, let me say that the Huntsville/Guntersville/Scottsboro area has to be the best kept secret Alabama has to offer. That and Gulf Shores.

I spent a summer boarding in B’ham while working a cushy job for the Highway Department between school years. An aunt lived in Ensley and we visited her a lot. So I know a bit about the Big City.

What part of Montgomery?

This OP drew you out of the steaming bayous for your second post in five years? Come out with us next time we go to Joe’s Crab Shack! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a native, but I live in Tennessee. In fact, in the same county there’s me, Cub Mistress, Bosda, Brynda and Rick.


There ain’t no such a thang. :wink:

Damn Yankee here but I’ve lived in the south (SC and FL) over 25 years.

Native Texan here.

Hey, y’all. :slight_smile: