Doxie Dog. You all know him and Love Him!

FishCatMan, I’ve made similar mistakes. We’re all real glad Doxie’s going to be okay.

That’s not a thing thing to call Gatopescado!

It’s a Fair Cop.

Yes, this. I’ll admit I have a fairly regular TV habit in the morning and evening, so the 12 hour doses are going to be easy to keep track of.

My problem is Deliveraly Systems. Cheese is always a good ‘Go To’. Thankfully, I got a Humungeous bag of Bleu Cheese Crumbles at the discount market, and can easily disguise nasty pills in that stinky shit. I tried it tonight. He likes it!

I’d like to thank you all for the outpouring of Love for this dog. He really is deserving. A very Good Dog.

Lots of video of him in years past (documenting his recovery from IVDD) here, as well as the rest of the crew and some just plain strange stuff. bob smith | Flickr

An Emu is a Magnificant Creature!

Oh my god.
I so happy to be in this thread were @Gatopescado said nice things and thanked Dopers. It’s like catching sight of a unicorn.:yum:
I’m doubly glad Doxie is on the mend.
Extra kisses and skritches for Doxie.

Keep us posted, Mister Fish-breath.

From your favorite all-time Doper:
Granny Hawkins.

I’m reading this very late in the game, but I wanted to say I’m glad your Good Boy is doing better, and I’m glad you took him to the vet. I can’t imagine why your ex objected.

My experience with dogs on steroids is that they tend to drink a lot more water. They also get hungrier.

Scritchels to the Doxie Dog.

Hail to Doxie!

Man, I’m out of it. Anyway…

Vet said the meds were gonna make him pee/poo more, so I repatrioted him to the back room with the other dogs. Had to take him out at 4:30 am. That was rugged.

Just went back there now, and he’s up and about, out of the box, tail wagging. With the exception of the Tortilla-Chip ear and a little swelling, he looks pretty good (for all he’s been through his entire life).

Think I’ll build him a ramp to negotiate the stairs in and out of the house. He gets a little more feeble every day, nothing to do with the snake bite.



Heh. Ella sends her old-dog regards.


Such good news!

Since Max is on a lot of drugs to help moderate his cancer symptoms, we got one of those pill containers with daily (with separate am and pm) compartments to make sure he’s getting what he needs and when.

Thank goodness he’s such a food fiend we can just make a little “meatball” from his canned food and stick the pills in it. He gobbles them down with no problem at all.

Carla, the dachshund I grew up with, was a master (mistress?) of not taking pills. If you put it in her food bowl, she’d lick it clean and leave a pristine pill sitting in the bottom.

glad the dog made it as someone who lives in the desert … this is a constant worry for dogs even in the civilized areas … the felines tho are still just saucy enough to take on a snake but if they manage to make it out they don’t leave the yard anymore …

Daily update: He’s doing well. Almost back to ‘normal’. He wants to go out in the Jeep, but I ain’t gonna let him for a day or two. Primarily, because I want to keep his collar off his neck, and that’s how I keep track of where he is. He Jingles. Or I hook him up to Ted The Dog and they can only get so far away.

So me and the crew have to sneak off in the truck. It’s quiet. Hurts my heart to do it.

Ella has a very sweet face. What a doggie smile!

Glad to hear your pooch is on the mend! Tough little guy.

He is nearly indestructable. Been run over, all his back end broken to bits, had The IVDD, fought coyotes (I’m without a doubt he saved Trixie’s life and probably Ted, too by attacking the fiend that was on them) and snakes, countless stickers embedded in his ears. I love the truck I bought for the Vet! :smiley:

A True Warrior.

Whenever I only have one bone left from a big nice T-Bone steak, I put the other 4 out to chase ‘The Rabbit’ that I spuriously reported (my credibility is on thin ice), and then give him the treat. What they don’t see, they don’t know about. He’s a good dog.

And he has a human worthy of his hire. Lucky dog too. Plus an international fan club!

Glad to hear he’s doing well. Keep on keeping us up to date. I have something to tell you once he’s all better.

Sounds ominous…

Only a little. In the mean time, take care of that brave little soldier.

Doing better every day. HIs Tortilla-Chip ear has softened up to ‘Dried out Leather Shoe’. I expect it to get back to "normal’ eventually. Otherwise, he is pretty much back to Status-Quo.

This dog, I swear!