"Dr. Fidelius is a pompous windbag"

Okay people, the <strike>good</strike> doctor asked for it. Check it out here. So start flinging your dirt at him.

I get to start.

How dare you be so knowledgable. You have no respect for our GOD chosen ignorance. Who gave you the right to cram into our virgin minds all that devil-worshiping knowledge. Your precise and articulate to a fault, and a big fault it is. You sinner. Yeah, I’ll throw the first rock at YOU.

Stop pressing your beliefs on ME. I don’t HAVE to accept FACTS if I don’t WANT to. You have no respect for other people’s belief. How come you feel you have to correct all the misinformation and ignorance out there. Who appointed YOU. Oh, and stop that “I can’t be a good Christian, so I’ll try to be a good human” type of BS. You make all of us that can’t manage either one look bad.

Your arrogance is only surpassed by you erudition. What do you have against RAVING LUNATICS!!! WE have a right to express OUR opinions without being CONTINUOUSLY challenged by dirty MODERATES like you. You infringe on our constitutional right to spew BS. What of OUR FREEDOM of EXPRESSION!!!

There you have it. Let the people speak.

(Oops, forgot the tiepoes of a self-respetin Loonatick.)

Only humans commit inhuman acts.

And where do you get off knowing all that stuff? Sheesh, get a life. Put down those books and play some video games. There’s a whole world out there.

Hang out at a mall, go browsing at Victoria’s Secrets, see Titanic over and over again, buy a Celine Dion album(::barf: :), call up Psychics Online…the possibilities are endless.

Stop wasting your life!

This space for rent.

Hey! Hey! Have some sympathy here!

I’m sure that the good doctor is not deliberately malicious. He probably cannot even help himself. I suspect that he may have been trained by < gasp > :::sotto voce::: Jesuits.


Momo you blow.

For an SDMBer with nearly 200 posts you are surprisingly without a clue.

Doc Fi is an erudite poster who can, in one seamless post, discuss quantum physics, the delight of lemon lollypops, and the never-ending search for the female G-spot.

His demonstrations of mental gymnastics are surpassed only by his “martini-dry” wit in all the forums.

You, on the other hand, are a no-name, GD dweller. May the distain of all the dopers be heaped deeply upon your witless brow.

Doc Fi is more than capable of deflecting your lame fusilade of distain, but I offer this in his defense:

God-less bastard that you are, you freakin’ suck too.


Don’t be so hard on Momo. He started this thread by request. Over on GD the young Jedi started a thread titled with my name. I was slightly disappointed that it was just a lame challange to one phrase in my post about Punctuated Equilbrium rather than a flame. I never seem to getr flamed, I don’t understand why…

Momo was just following up on my rather wistful request. Warms the very cockles of my heart, it does…

Dr. Fidelius should have his equilibrium punctuated!

(There. Did I do it right?)

You can keep your cockels to yourself, thanks…

I have enough similar problems now as it is!

Yer pal,

And your cockles while you’re at it!

Sorry, Doc. In deference to you wishes:

valenta8, Palidork, C#3, Bj0rn stupid and Doc Fi all bite the big throbbing wienie.
If they every got together (preferably in Iceland) their combined idiocy would reach critical mass causing the Earth to spin off its axis, plunging it into the sun.

(Now I must go wash my hands, for I have typed their names once too many times today and I feel dirty.)

Dr. Fidelius, how dare you be so smart? You make the rest of us look bad. Who the hell died and made you Cecil? I hate you, Dr. Fidelius. Eat shit and die.

There, feeling good and flamed, Dr. F? Or should I insult your mother, too?

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

Well, well, lets analyze this bit-by-bit:

Uhh, his handle is Momotaro - What, can’t remember the other four letters?

Real Bigshot! Stop trying to impress us with your “in-the-know” acronyms, you pompous ass.

There you go judging others again. Who died and made you GOD?

WOW! Lookie, lookie here - an actual, plebian typo! Not just a run-of-the-mill one, either. A big juicy one with an extra “r”. There’s no “r” in get you fool! What were you thinking - or maybe that’s the problem; you weren’t thinking at all - as usual.

Lookr atr mer everybodyr - I’mr DrFideliusr!!! I’mr ar pompousr windbagrrr!

Hell is Other People.

Chief Scott says:

Hmmmm. I can think of only one other human being capable of such a feat. Dr. Fidelius: Unca Cece’s alter ego?!?

Two words: SEMPER FI!!

Flamed out.

Dr. F, you suck!

That having been said, please tell me what you suck, and where I can get some, because I really, really want to be smart & funny like you. :slight_smile:

Sorry. I tried to flame. I failed. I’ll keep trying, I promise.

Jeez, and I always looked up to Dr. Fidelius as an example of how to properly conduct one’s SDMB biz. False Prophet ! Woe is us.
Next episode: ChiefScott turns out to be an Army cook, and the fall of Tomndeb, PapaBear, and the others who keep messing up the class curve…

O le mea a tamaali’i fa’asala, a o le mea a tufanua fa’alumaina.

Class curve? We’re being graded?

Yeeeesh. Now I have to start studying, just to come to the SDMB. Does someone have the class notes? (I’m sure I took notes; I just can’t find them right now.)

(Nobody ever tells me anything.)

Pssst…Tom. Here’s where you can get the cheat sheets: http://www.straightdope.com/otheroutlets/books.html

The good doctor goofs again. He was caught slaughtering a foreign language. Notice how he mispelled ‘hanashimasen’.

Vigilantes of the BBQ Pit, what do you say?

Seeing the crowd of Dr.F defenders surrounding him
I was just joking! What are you doing picking these rocks? Hey, I was kidding! wack thud crack Help! wam zblang ptow (That’s for watching too much Batman, I guess.)

Only humans commit inhuman acts.

Momo: I don’t know about the others, but your retort to Dr. Fi just cracked me up!

Oh, and Sake: it’s “let’s analyze”, not “lets”, you grammatically-challenged twit!

Heh, heh, heh… I think I’m about to pee in my pants. This is so much fun!!

Well, thank you, omniscientnot. I’m glad someone got my joke since it was for a rather restricted audience.