Dr. Laura has finally completely lost her perspective -- if not actually her mind.

I figure there ought to be a couple of Dr. Laura fans out there in DoperLand. I mean fans of the sometimes-amusing / occasionally-infuriating dingbatfest that is her show, of course, not fans of the increasingly nutty Dr. L. herself. Anyway, yesterday our dear Doctor had been bitching in her usual charming way about the public school system – restating once again her position that the public schools were not actually schools at all but “indoctrination centers for the left.” Some optimistic soul faxed Dr. Laura back with a rebuttal and Dr. L’s response was shocking even by her harebrained standards. Dr. Laura said, “This person doesn’t realize that there are nine and ten year olds in public school having oral sex in their classrooms with their teachers present.” Uh huh. How about a cite on that, Dr. Laura? But no – she just dropped that little zinger and moved briskly on to the next caller. What a wacko.


I was driving down the road the other day, and ended up stuck in a traffic jam with some pick’emup truck ahead of me. No big deal, until I noticed the bumper sticker: “What would Dr. Laura do?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Not defending Dr. Laura Jess but I do recall reading that story not too long ago. As I remember it, it was only a single incident not an on going problem happening in schools everywhere.

I would do a seach to find a link but I can’t think of any search terms that wouldn’t pull up lots of links I didn’t want (and I am not on my own computer). Maybe another doper will come in who remembers the story.

I remember that story too, but either she embellished it, or has a reading comprehension problem. It involved a 16 y/o girl and an 18 y/o boy, both students. Try a search in the Pit; I’m sure it was after the winter of our missed content.

Thanks Stuffy. I could remember hearing the story but, none of the details. Maybe I read it at the Straight Dope! :slight_smile:

Rant and rave about something she has virtually no knowledge of, inciting fear and hatred among people who know even less about it, leading to an overall increase of evil in a world already swimming in it.

Not to mention those awful nuddie pictures of her on the net. First they make her seem like a hateful hypocrite, and second- umm yuck, they were not very tasteful or attractive at all.



I’ll look for it, but I think there was a story a few years ago that involved some 10-year-olds having oral sex at school. But this was just ONE isolated instance, and the teachers were NOT present, they just walked in on them.

But I guess that doesn’t stop Dr. Turkeyneck from making such an absurd blanket condemnation of ALL the public schools.

And what did she get her doctorate in, anyway?

Uh-oh. She might be right. I did a Google search for “Oral Sex School” (you can imagine the porn sites I got), to find the one about the high school kids, and got this:


But even so… Was the Good “Doctor” actually implying that this happened with the encouragement of the schools, or that somehow the schools (in general) are at fault because this kind of stuff occurs?

Her doctorate is in physiology. She makes is seem like she has a doctorate in psychology though. Using her title of “Dr.” is entirely inappropriate unless her show was about physiology. I listen to her sometimes and she is a total ass.


Her doctorate as far as I knew was in kinesilogy.

She’s a gym teacher?


I can’t believe that people still actually listen to her dribble.

Radio Looney Tunes!

A Laura Schlesinger production.

I think most of them are just waiting for the final dramatic blowout. The sound of Mrs. Laura gibbering into the mike as the men in white coats come to fit her for the huggy-jacket would be worth about five E-tickets at Disneyland…


She lost me with a lot of shit jayjay as I had a lot of driving time on my hands before.

I had the “honor” to catch her TV show and while she may have some wisdom to produce, she is crass and uncaring in her responses. In my opinion.

If you want women to “close their legs” you do it in such a way that is gentle and caring. You don’t expouse (sp) the crap she does in the way she does it and given her 'sposed past. What gay’s do is none of her fucking business, as is a hetero’s life.

Crap, <i>Frasier</i> has more sense than that woman. ARRGH. She is annoying and worthless of radio time. We aren’t in the dark ages anymore, nor are we in the 1950s.

She needs to get with the times.

BTW, Dr. Phil…he’s coming to the “air” on Sept 16 here. He is unbelievably annoying to me. He only says you are wrong and doesn’t give you skills from what I have seen. Skills are lacking and that’s why people need help. They don’t need to be told they are wrong in their life, their thinking, people need to understand the skills that will get them through life. From what I have seen, he basically tells you that you are wrong and never gives you any purposeful skills to work with.

This Pop-Psychology (sp) drives me up a fucking wall.

It aint that simple given people’s circumstances. We all, each and everyone of us see things differently. It can not be cured in an hour’s program. If you could, there wouldn’t be a damn TV series about it. You’d go into the psych’s office and you’d be cured and not spend weeks, months or years in therapy.

Dr. Laura, Dr. Phil…phuck that shit. It aint that simple to fix.

Aside from teh obvious copyright issues, that would be a decent band name.

Errr… why?

Not that I’m a fan of hers or anything (I can’t even be amused by the “train wreck” aspect), but I’ve never heard of any limitations on how someone uses a title that they’ve earned. Is Dubya only allowed to call himself “President” when he’s sitting in the Oval Office?

If you have a Ph.D., “etiquette” dicatates that you can call yourself Dr. Joe Blow.