Dr. Laura has finally completely lost her perspective -- if not actually her mind.

Her views prove her lack of intelligence. Bigotry is a sure sign of a lack of intillectual rigor.

Physiology, people- she went to school to be a gym teacher.

Theobroma and Guinastasia (whew!)-

I think most people agree it is legitimate to use Dr. when you are working/writing/talking about the field in which you have a degree. So college profs would generally be on solid ground.

My father was a teacher and later a principal and had a doctorate in mental health. I remember telling a Black friend of mine that Dad was very insistent on being called Dr. She replied that her father, who also had a doctorate, didn’t care about being called Doctor, as long as people called him MISTER.

Sort of put it inperspective for me.

Fifteen Iguana

So what if some people like her? She’s an anal-retentive harpy, she’s shrill, she’s rude and insensitive.

I’m Ph.D. (Hons) (Oxon) in structural linguistics, general secretary of the NDP, member of Parliament for Verdun St-Henri, and I have a class-five bus-driving license. And I’m a Companion of the Order of Canada.


You don’t believe me? Well, here’s what I have to say about it:

In other words, when someone’s truthfulness is at issue, they do not count as a cite supporting their own truthfulness. Honestly.

(Besides which, you missed the point, which is that it is illegal for her to claim to be a licensed psychotherapist in California, because she isn’t one.)

So you’re saying that anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe is a big dummy? That seems a bit bigoted to me.

The program is entertainment, folks. You don’t turn to a radio show to learn skills to cope with the disasters in your life. You maybe listen to hear, or get, a dopeslap. To be able to say, “hey, I’m having a similar problem, maybe if I hadn’t moved in with a guy I only knew for six months I wouldn’t be in this position.” Or “maybe it’s not a good idea to move my kids 600 miles away from their dad.” Or “maybe there is more to life than just partying”.

Sometimes Dr. Laura is the most annoying person on earth…so is my best friend. Sometimes she is overly rigid and judgemental …just like my mom. Sometimes she is compassionate and caring and sensitive…like my minister. Sometimes she silly and tacky…like my boss. The point is, she is just a human being with moods, and prejudices, and beliefs, and opinions who wants to make a living by providing an entertaining show with dopeslaps included…just like on CarTalk. I don’t listen to them to get advice on which wire to wiggle under the hood, and I don’t listen to Dr. Laura to get pyschological help. Sometimes I agree with her, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I learn somthing and sometimes I just like to catch her jumping to conclusions. But it’s more interesting than the appliance repair guy on WJR, and more entertaining on a long drive than Top 40.

kitten read my entire fucking post, please. I said

where did I say that everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot?
Grouping people together by some signifier is fucking stupid. Giving knee-jerk responses without even listening to the caller’s question is fucking stupid.

If you have to tell people in the forward to your book that you’re smart- you’re not smart. If she was smart she wouldn’t have to tell people.

When there’s an accident on the highway, every goddamned person that passes by will slow down to look…

That’s right, you just act like you’re smart by calling other people stupid: THAT’S how people know you’re smart.

Actually I think some people actually agree with her. No, REALLY! Look at it this way, this is 20 million more people you can feel superior too.

I can say that Dr. Laura isn’t stupid, but I can’t be so generous to the listeners who take her every word as gospel.

I did read this entire post. Several times. I think you meant vigor, not rigor since rigor is stiffness, harshness, etc and I think you didn’t meant to say she has a lack of rigidity in her views.

Also, physiology is the study of living organisms and their parts…not Physical Education. But I could be wrong.

All I’m saying is that if you can’t say someone isn’t intelligent just because you disagree with some of their opinions. Or because they sometimes make mistakes.

Your definition is right in general, but in regards to human physiology, it is much more accurate to say that physiology is the body of knowledge built around the study of human movement (kinesiology) and internal homeostasis. Not exactly PE, but not too far from it.

I’ve taught physiology at the university level. I guarantee you, there were no prospective gym teachers in my class. (Well, the ones that failed maybe). I don’t know the specifics of Dr. Laura’s coursework or degree, but physiology is not a “gym” curriculum. My classes in animal phys and human neurophysiology were extremely rigorous. Even human A/P at community colleges attracts as many prospective nurses and med techs as gym teachers. Probably more.

And it does seem to me that by saying “her views prove her lack of intellegence” is condescending and open for criticism. What is this “proof” you speak of? Why not just say, “I don’t agree with her views.”? I mean, I’ve read some of your posts. I don’t agree with much of anything you’ve said. Based on your opinions or “views,” could I then say “grendel’s views prove a lack of intellegence.”? We’re talking about opinions here, you know.

Thank you for the clarification. None of the gym teachers I know have degrees in physiology, as far as I am aware. I couldn’t quite understand grendel72’s assertion that studying physiology = becoming a gym teacher, but I had to assume I was missing some information.


My wife would definitely agree with you. She never calls herself Dr. december outside of the university. (OTOH in the medical school setting, it’s essential to call yourself “doctor,” or you’d get no respect.)

However, it’s a bit different for media celebrities. E.g., the insufferable Georgia Witkind flaunts her “Doctor” title and IIRC one of the weather persons also does. Martin Lulthor King was often called ‘Doctor’, although I don’t know that he referred to himself that way.

Any opinions I have that are based on intilectual dishonesty would prove a lack of intelligence. Dr. Laura is an ignorant bigot, due to the simple fact that there is no other kind of bigot.

Guys, if you think I’m being too hard on Dr. Laura; if you think I’m lying about her re: the gym teacher remark. Just ask yourself, “What would Dr. Laura have done in grendel’s position?”

‘Dr.’ Laura “Caller, go ahead”
Caller “I’m the one in control, I have the microphone, I’m smart, I’m a licenced psychotherapist…”
‘Dr.’ Laura “Stop right there you ignorant cunt…”

In all honesty, I’m being a lot easier on her than she would be herself.

re: The ignorance thing. Well, IIRC, there was a lovely pit thread about her ignorance of Tourette’s. Now, I agree that we don’t really require that all people know all things, even radio personalities, but, during that thread a few things developed.

A caller called in about a family situation. Dr. Laura started interrupting and answering what she perceived to be the question (which is one of my personal gripes about her - if you interupt some one, you may in fact, not have all of the pertinent info you need in order to answer the question), and as the call proceeded, as soon as she knew that the reason the caller didn’t want the nephew at the wedding was that he had Tourettes, she changed her advice mid stream and started this whole ‘well, of course you wouldn’t want some one screaming obscenities in the middle of the service’ etc.

Now, I can (almost) forgive the acute lack of knowledge there (except of course, the wise, rational advice would be “gee, I personally don’t know too much about Tourettes myself, before I answer, let me check it out”), but after getting a whole bunch of negative feedback (including links to specific info about the condition), she still didn’t back down until several more days had passed.

So, I don’t care how far some one went in their educational path, nor do I give a shit about their IQ or other semi-objective test, some one who spouts forth on a subject without checking out facts first is ‘not that bright’ in my book, and when they continue after being corrected, they fall right into the ‘friggin asshole, idiot class’ category.


Dr. Laura may have a point about public schools. Once you take the “God” out of the classroom, you can kiss morality goodbye. I send my kids to parochial school where they learn how to be moral, upstanding Christians. And, no, I have NEVER witnessed any sexual acts – oral, anal, or vaginal-- being performed in the classroom.

The sacristy, perhaps, but NEVER the classroom.