Dr. Snuggles

Does anyone besides me remember a cartoon callled Dr. Snuggles? I LOVED that show as a kid! But no one I know seems to remember it.

‘Dr Snuggles, friend of the animal world…’

Even if you don’t remember it, tell me, what was YOUR favourite show as a kid?

Yeah, I remember Dr. Snuggles. Of course, by the time I actually saw it, I was old enough to think it was seriously lame. The wonder of teenage years!

For all you Hitchhiker’s Guide fans out there, Douglas Adams apparently wrote one episode of this series, but it never made it out of the Dutch broadcasts. Or maybe it did and I’m mixing it up with the Dr. Who adventure that never got made, and was used for Life, the Universe, and Everything.

I guess we’re getting into IMHO stuff, but my favorite kid show was Sesame Street. Still was for my kids.

Here comes manhattan, and boy, is he pissed.

Dutch kid shows? Anyone here remember Barbapapas?

I was talking about Dr. Snuggles with my new lady-friend this past Sunday morning. We lay in bed discussing things we did as a kid on Sundays, which was always pretty crappy because cartoons were vastly outnumbered by religious programs. Dr. Snuggles was one of the few that aired on Sunday where I lived, and it was a WAY tripped out show!!!

Check it out: The Official Dr. Snuggle Site

Hee Hee!

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I love Barbapapa NOW, but I think by the time I saw it I was getting too old for that kind of thing.

Did you say Dr. Snuggles was a dutch show? I thought it was UK.

I found a website : http://www.doctor-snuggles.com

And hey, it sure beat Pukes of Hazard…
I loved Dr. Who!!! That show makes me think of my dad…


Whoops! I didn’t realize the link was already posted!

I watched Dr. Snuggles all the time when I was little. PBS picked it up for a couple years in my area. I remember begging my mom to let me take a candle to light my room before bedtime because Dr. Snuggles had one during the opening sequence or something. Mom, needless to say, did not allow it.

I don’t remember Dr. Snuggles. When are we talking about? One of my favorites was The Banana Splits. And that show with Jack Wilde and the flute and Witchie-Poo. What was the name? Aah, the drugged out culture of the early 70’s…

My favorite show from childhood, besides Sesame Street, was The Gummi Bears. You know, Dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly with stories to share. All through the forest, they sing out in chorus, marching along 'til their songs fill the air. Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere! High adventures that we all care share. They are the Gummi Bears! Oh, wow… I can’t believe I remember the theme song.

As for current kids’ shows, I really like Blue’s Clues. Am I the only one who finds Steve sort of attractive?

Not…per se. Er, he’s a bit good looking, just that he needs to lose the green striped shirt. :slight_smile:

Speaking of attractive, there was this show on TV Ontario (I’m guessing this may have been a Canadian show) called ‘Today’s Special’. It was a stupid show in my opinion, but I had the HUGEST crush on Jeff, the manniquin who comes to life when his hat’s on.

I saw him again a couple years ago in a play or something and boy, does 15 years make a change…

And he’s got to stop styling his hair with the garden rotor. I was explaining this show to a 5 year old, who wanted to know why Steve dressed as a dork. I explained it was a costume, nobody wears khakis and a green striped shirt every day of their life. After a pause, he asked: is the hair a costume too?

What I want to know is, what was that Sunday cartoon I watched as a kid, that was animated except for the mouths, which were real.

I don’t know, but the idea is really creeping me out…