Dr Who 2.12 (open spoilers)

Spoiler-free post for those who watched Murray vs Roddick

Cybermen. Daleks. Micky / Ricky. Oh my!

And we’ve had the foreshadowing of Rose leaving the Doctor.

The soldiers were funny too.

There was much goodness in this episode - discuss.
Oh and with regards to the tennis

Murray beat Roddick in an almost rivetting match

The only tennis I watch is when Bahrami plays (the man is a genius) but even I enjoyed that match. I won’t say Murray’ll do well in the future for fear of invoking the Henman Curse.

Well. Next ep’s going to blow the BBC’s special effects budget for the year. Tracy-Ann Oberman’s character was good.

Another good episode! I’ve developed a likely for Mickey, based on this episode. I was suprised to see the daleks again.

Hope the next episode is just as good.


From the looks of it, the Daleks in the parallel universe weren’t erased from existence in a time war like the ones in “this” universe. Does that mean there could be Time Lords still in the parallel universe? Seems like a good way for the Master (or a previous Doctor, or the Valeyard, Romana, what have you) to make an appearance in series 3.

I had assumed that the Daleks had simply avoided being erased in the Time War by escaping in the Void Ship. But your suggestion makes sense too…

Pardon a Yank, but was she the one with the cleavage? Cause it was quite good, as well.

Cleavage? (Mods, I think this is all worksafe, that’s where I looked it up)

Funny to see the Ghost in Eastenders too.

The ending bodes well for some sort of fan-w*nk dream episode :stuck_out_tongue:

I realize this season ender is pretty much fanwank, but heck yea I’ll take it. Much speculation as to what’s in the Dalek Ark, whether it’s Davros or some kind of Dalek Maker.

All I am hoping is that this season eneder doens’t preclude more appearences by both of these, although Davies doesn’t seem to worry too much about continuity in this respect.

Fanw*nk or not, I’m all up for seeing what’s inside too. Its picked up again after that god awful Olympics episode :rolleyes: