Drafts Offline - Reload Page message

Got this message a few times this morning between 3am-4am central US time. So I would reload the page and it would be missing part of what I had written.

Anyone else or was I just lucky?

Edit: And now it just timed out and didn’t post this, so I’ll try again and hope I don’t have a double post. That brings back bad memories.

It’s almost certainly due to a bad internet connection.

I just tested it. If it can’t connect. it will show “Drafts offline”.

Then when the connection is restored it will show “Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.”

The best thing to do in that case is to click “Ignore”, rather than “Reload”. Then you won’t lose anything.

If you see that it’s showing “Dafts offline”, then it would be a good idea to copy the message elsewhere just to be sure.

Thanks. Internet connection was my first thought, but my modem showed full strength. I had about 10 tabs open, including other SDMB tabs, and a tab that was in the middle of downloading a large file, and I could access all of those. I tried to reload all tabs, and everything reloaded except the one I was trying to reply on. I git the spinning blue circle, then the drafts offline message. Finally I got the can’t connect message on that one tab.

I don’t know why I didn’t do that. Good to know.

I’ll do that, thanks.

Any time something gets funky while I’m trying to post something and I worry about losing it, I copy and paste my stuff to Notepad. That’s saved me more than once!

I know, I should have done that after the first time it happened. How soon I’ve forgotten the lessons of vBulletin.