Frequent "Draft offline" error 9JUL2024

Just posting this here to see if anyone else is having this.

2-3 times today (9JUL2024) I’ve been in the middle of typing a message and gotten a “draft online” error, followed shortly by an editing message error asking me to reload or ignore. Generally it’s cost me about 10-20 seconds of typed material, and therefor no large loss, but I don’t know if I’m the only one seeing the problem. Speedtest shows no noticeable lag or speed issue, and no issues on other sites. I’m using a wired connection and using an up to date Chrome browser in Windows 11 while running the “Dark” theme.

For similar issues. Again, mostly posting in case someone knows if it’s a current issue being explored, or to provide a place to review if anyone else is having the same.

I had the same with Firefox, Windows 11, ten minuted ago. It reloaded with the last 30 seconds not being registered, which I could correct/repeat with no problem, but still wondered what had happened and why.

I’ve had something similar a couple of times in the last few weeks…
Can’t remember a “draft online” message, but definitely the “reload or ignore” bit.
(I seem to remember something about the post being edited in another window
or something.)

The Discourse server hosting SDMB has been having brief intermittent problems over the past couple of weeks or so. I’ve seen it go offline when all other internet connections were just fine. “Draft offline” means you’ve lost the connection to the SDMB server, and these Discourse problems are one possible cause, though of course other causes of connection problems are also possible.

There was one period about a week ago when it was up and down like a yo-yo over a period of several hours. I didn’t do a lot of analysis but during one of the outages a tracert showed no problem right up to some Discourse boundary, and then nothing. The main Discourse site was still up, but during the brief period of outage the links to other client sites like Western Digital were also down. I didn’t do a lot of in-depth investigating, though, and the outages weren’t long. But they were sure annoying when they were repetitive. It was like some server was crashing and automatically rebooting.