"Draft is being edited ...."

I’m trying to write a post, and keep getting this message:

“Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.”

What is causing this? Fortunately, when I reload the page the work in progress is still there, but it is extremely annoying.

I don’t know the answer but I’ve experienced the same thing. And yes, it’s annoying.

I’ve had that happen, but only when I had a second window of SDMB open.

Only time I ever open a second window is when I accidentally click on “Open link in new window” instead of “… in new tab”. And when that happens, I close the new window and open the new tab that I actually wanted.

It’s a bug. And annoying one. I haven’t 100% figured out what triggers it,

My workaround is to close the dialog, quickly copy the post by clicking in the box and pressing Ctrl-A followed by Ctrl-C, and then refresh the page.

Usually, the post will come back when I refresh the page. It will either just pop up on its own, or it will be collapsed down to the bottom of the page like a draft, and I’ll be able to click the up arrow. But, on the off chance that it’s completely gone, I can just click Reply again and paste the contents.

If I do ever figure out exactly what I did to trigger it, I’ll report the bug.

BTW, do note that “new window” and “new tab” are considered synonymous as far as the web page is concerned–at least, in most circumstances.

Is it possible you are starting reviewing a thread on one device and then changing to a second device to continue the thread? So you have one or two comments quoted to the reply box and then change devices to complete your post?

I only have one device.

If you have more than one tab open, is it possible you started in one tab, got interrupted, and when you came back you opened a new tab?


I will leave you to your own device(s) then. :desktop_computer:

I’d associated it with a poor mobile connection and have never seen it when on wifi or at my laptop.

I’m using a laptop, but it’s always on my desk and plugged in when I use it.

I got it most recently when I canceled a draft, and then tried to start a new post. I wrote in my new post for a bit, but then it put up the error. When I refreshed the page, my previously canceled draft came back.

To work around it, I closed the draft then reloaded the page, and only then started a new post.

I’ve had this happen multiple times. Always on my phone, but at home with a solid wifi connection. Most of my post has been there after refreshing the page, but I have the most recently written couple of lines a couple times. I actually think this site is worse on my phone than the old one. Harder to compose posts, the textbox freezes sometimes, and I can’t compose a post with my phone in landscape orientation, which is how I prefer it.