Drawn Together 11/17

I think last night was probably the best episode yet. They may have just hit their stride with this gem.

“I wish… I could believe that.” SKRNCH

Sure didn’t see THAT coming!

Really caught me off-guard when Captain Hero and Foxy Love were nose-to-nose trash-talking each other early in the episode; and Captian gave Foxy’s left boob a squeeze-squeeze.
And their several Dominant/submissive scenes that followed. :eek:

Damn this show! I’ll never again be able to fully “appreciate” the scenes of Princess Leia in the slave outfit in **Return of the Jedi ** without images of Xandir and Toots the Hutt popping up in my head.

The gerbil joke was old, but funny.

I’ll never be able to go near a cheese grater again.

See, I thought this ep pointed out just how wildly uneven the show is. The first ep was meh, the second was gold with the Scooby/Josie/Brady Kids song parody, the Xandir’s gay ep was fairly strong but uneven and this ep was fairly week but with shining moments. They’re notquite hitting it but it’s close enough that I’m in. Or I would be if they weren’t already started repeats four weeks in.

I was looking away when Foxy and Captain Hero met up toward the end of the ep. It looked like Foxy had the pig on the lead, yes? Who was leading the Captain?

It was Charley Brown on the leash, and I think Natasha from Bullwinkle leading the captain.

Foxxy (paraphrase): “C’mon, blockhead. Foxxy’s gonna show you some Good grief.”

As I recall.