Dreams of Animals Residing in My Body

The night before last, I had a dream that there was a bat who was living underneath the skin in the back of my neck. I went to a M.A.S.H. unit to have it removed, and when they cut open the back of my neck (apparently I wasn’t allowed to be put to “sleep” for that procedure), the bat flew out. I was startled awake, only to find myself on my back, seriously freaked out at the idea of me moving and letting the bat bite me. I swear I could feel the bat in my neck.

Last night, I dream that I’m walking across my grandmother’s yard, and there are tiny pits filled with huge assed snapping turtles. One grabs me by the foot and won’t let go. I’m screaming like a little girl and this turtle just won’t open it’s jaws.

I’m afraid to look online to see what bats in the body and attacking snapping turtles signify in a dream. :dubious:

So, anyone had any animal dreams lately?

No - but I did hear about one guy who dreamed of moths growing in his leg. It wasn’t a scary dream, he felt rather protective of them and gently nudged them all out of their little flap.

He decided that it had happened because his wife was pregnant. Sort of his way of joining in. Any pregnancies in your area?

God, I hope not.

This sounds like a good time to re-watch Alien.

<insert joke containing, “And monkeys will fly out of my butt”>

Not recently, but in a memorable dream I was attacked by an elephant - in my grandfather’s yard. It wrapped its trunk around me and picked me up, shaking the hell out of me. Later in the dream I got away and lifted my shirt, bruises all around my torso.

I don’t know if being snapping turtles has any particular significance, but turtles in dreams do. Supposedly they represent your desire to pretend that troubling things don’t exist - pull your head in. Maybe the troubles in your life are sick of denial :dubious: