Dresses + Plus Size = Fugly?! UGH

This is a prime story as to why I’m EXTREMELY none to thrilled with the area in which I live currently. A friend of mine and I were walking around the mall last night (mostly out of shear boredom) and decided to scope out this season’s prom dress styles. So, we ended up going to the local Deb store first since they have a slightly better selection than the other stores in the mall. Upon walking into aforementioned section of the store, the following comment happened to wriggle it’s way into my ear, “These fat dresses are so ugly! Fat people have no right to look beautiful. It should be illegal!”

Okay, as far as the first part of that statement goes, I will agree that some of the dresses left MUCH to be desired. However, being a size 24W/26W young woman myself, my jaw dropped! The girl who made the statement couldn’t have been no more than 16, but age does not mean she is given an excuse. The girl who made this statement, as well as all of her friends, appeared to be little twig figures that would snap in half should someone yawn their way too hard. Again, this does not mean she is given an excuse. Especially since they were all standing on the PLUS SIZE end of the store, with several larger sized customers near by.

I’m actually HAPPY that plus size clothes have finally caught up with the styles of the younger generations wearing these clothes. Just because I am not comfortable in my body all of the time, or because I am not the quintessential picture of what a 20-year-old woman SHOULD look like according to the press, does not mean that I do not want to look pretty or enjoy the clothes I wear. I’m normally not too “dramatically diva” about clothes, but a statement such as this really pissed me off.

I’ve been in larger sizes of clothing for the majority of my life, so I’ve got to say that I am PROUD to know that I can wear pretty clothes that fit me and my age group. Eight years ago or so most of the clothes that I wore were styled for a woman at least ten years my senior, or cost far too much for my parents to even begin to afford them if the clothes were for younger women. How DARE she, one who obviously has never known what it’s like to roll out of bed in the morning and stare in disgust at the clothes America THINKS an overweight female would want to wear, state that I – or other larger sized women – do not deserve to look pretty!!! I would venture to say that given the accomplishments of our lives, whatever they may be, “overweight” females DESERVE TO BE SEEN AS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS EVERY FUCKING MODEL ON ANY GIVEN CATWALK!!!

I probably should not let a comment from one so naive get to me, but it honestly made me wonder the basis on which she is placing this statement. Also, I wonder where she would get such a gull to state that loud enough in public for all at which her statement is pointed to hear. Could we blame her friends and peer pressure like most of the magazines do? Could we blame her parents for not teaching her to be better mannered? And naturally, we could also blame the media, for it is seemingly the root of all sterotypical evil?

So, just to get my point across to those who may want to side with the thin, rude bitch, no matter whomever in the world feels she may be right…


You should have sat on her.

d & r

I’m not sure why you should be “glad” to be overweight. Moreover, I don’t understand why everyone “deserves” to be seen as equal in every area of life. I don’t “deserve” to be seen as just as good at baseball as Albert Pujols, because I’m not. I don’t “deserve” to be seen as just as intelligent as Albert Einstein, because I’m not. I don’t “deserve” to be seen as just as funny as Stephen Colbert, because I’m not.

Why should I “deserve” to be seen as just as beautiful as a model? I’m not.

Well, personally I don’t think most supermodels are beautiful at all. They’re typically rail-thin (at least the haute-couture ones), and to me at least serve more as reminders of the dangers of eating disorders rather than of ideal beauty. Therefore I don’t really want to ever be as beautiful as a model, because to me that kind of beauty seems like it would be rather painful.

But that’s just the thing: I don’t let the high fashion world dictate to me what “beautiful” should look like. I think what the OP was getting at was that: 1) the world is comprised of more than just anorexic types, so deal with it, you teenage bitches; and 2) everyone should have access to clothing that flatters them. #2 in particular has not always been the case: the OP is right in that, for a time, plus-size women’s clothing was relegated to either extremely matronly attire or just plain dowdy choices. What, is everyone over size 12 supposed to go around wearing muumuus all the time? While I think that being overweight is not particularly healthy, one who is overweight cannot simply flip a switch and shrink 10 sizes overnight. In the meantime, having nice, flattering clothes is not too much to ask, I think. As someone who was once on the borderline of having to shop exclusively at “plus-size” stores, I don’t believe I ever demanded the “right” to wear whatever Naomi Campbell just showed off on the catwalk, but I definitely appreciated it when clothing designers started making clothes in my size that looked like someone with my age and taste would actually wear.

After all, overweight women can’t be beautiful models.

And like Intravenus said, it’s nice when it’s possible for overweight people to find clothes other than muumuus so they can dress stylishly and feel happier.

The chick has bought into the ‘shame the fatty’ zeitgeist- ‘us’ are the average to slim population who are reasonably able to go to the mall and find clothes that flatter them. “Them” are the portly, fat, pudgy,(pick your oversized term of choice) who shouldn’t expect to been seen as attractive by anyone. “Us” get to have nice clothes, that’s part of the privileges of being an ‘us’. When “them’s” get nice clothes too,the “us’s” are just a little less special.

Fuck the adolescent skank. Two kids from now she’ll have Nigella Lawson’s ass and she knows it. :smiley:
Edit: Uh, what I deM sez…

And a lot of people don’t find Stephen Colbert funny, Albert Pujols is overrated to some, and you could probably even find a few people making the case that Albert Einstein isn’t all that smart.

I’m not personally attracted to many models, either. The point is, it’s pretty stupid to think you should be immune to be compared unfavorably to anybody about anything subjective. “Overweight females” do not “DESERVE TO BE SEEN AS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS EVERY FUCKING MODEL ON ANY GIVEN CATWALK” anymore than I deserve to be seen as funny as every fucking standup comedian on any given stage, or as talented as every fucking baseball player on any fiven field. And it’s ridiculous to think so.

No one’s saying that. Overweight people just want to have access to flattering garments. Just like other average looking consumers.

Actually, the OP said that. Hence the quotes.

Never mind…

OK, I’m saying that. Overweight consumers just want to be able to buy flattering clothes like any other average consumer. OP and I disagree on that point.

Okay, let’s go back to the quote that inflamed the OP:

I mean, damn. I think if I had heard that sort of nonsense in person, I would have been pretty pissed off as well. So I can give the OP a little leeway if she wants to vent. And again, I think the whole issue of what she claims to deserve is nice clothes, not to be put up on a pedestal and worshiped for her beauty. For someone to basically say that overweight people shouldn’t have access to fashionable clothes in their size is worse that just saying that overweight people aren’t attractive. It’s pretty much saying that not only are they NOT attractive, but that they shouldn’t even attempt to BE attractive, because god forbid if some plus-size woman showed up at prom wearing the same style dress as me, I think I would just, like, die or something.

You just go girl! My wife is a larger gal and she dresses cute as a button, all her clothes match and I watch her every morning trying on this outfit and that one until she gets the one that suits her for the day. It makes her day to get it just right.(and mine seeing her happy) I hope you won’t judge that woman too harshly for being rude, some people just can’t seem to make it through life without thier nose stuck up in the air, as you can be sure that guys like me and probably quite a few gents would be, and are, happy to have a decent woman in thier life to love and give them love in return. I myself can see the beauty in almost every woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, the exception to rule being the ones that have to open thier mouths and say things like that woman said. It’s like picking a beautiful rose and and having it be swarming with aphids. I see your new here and you won’t find many here who are shallow enough to hate people for such stupid reasons. I hope you enjory your stay.

Attractive clothing should be made for people of all sizes.

No one has the right to judge another person by their size - whether the judged be large, or small.


Regarding the comment I made about the models, I was speaking more towards their clothing options (though I realize now that I probably should have elaborated on this originally; whoops…). But, I do understand where the “deserving/non-deserving” statement is coming from. My main malfunction with the momentary splatter of an annoyance which ran into my life’s windshield is that she was bashing something that could potentially help me to become more comfortable in my skin. Sure, being overweight is not healthy for most people, but in the process of becoming healthier, I am disliking my appearance even less (weird logic, I know). So, nice clothes in my current size give me a messed up sort of self-esteem boost to keep the getting healthy kick better.

Q.E.D – Though the thought of sitting on her did not cross my mind (because that would be too easy!!! lol), the thought of ripping the snobby ass grin off the planar surface she calls a face did pass through my mind. However, I thought it would be better not to publicly acknowledge ignorance with violence.

Likely meaning that she is a sensible, healthy bodyweight that stands out merely because small-town America is full of fat people?


Nobody likes “railthin fashion models”, they are only used because they make clothes look good. Most guys are attracted to the kinda girl you see in playboy, not on a catwalk.

Fuck off, troll.

Firstly, fuck off yourself. Secondly, I’m not trolling - I’m admittedly being a bit contrarian, but that’s somewhat different.

[li]Small-town America is, by global standards, absurdly fat.[/li][li]Our perception of normal weight is influenced by those around us.[/li][li]The OP’s post hinted that she lives in small-town America.[/li][/list]

[li]The OP has an inflated idea of what ‘normal, healthy weight’ is.[/li][li]The girl referred to is more likely to be a normal, healthy weight than actually unusually underweight.[/li][/list]

[li] The OP was–albeit more anonymously–as vitriolic and judgemental about thin people as the girl was about fat ones.[/li][/list]


Temper temper.
Chill, Mr Science Dude–it’s an opinion, and most likely not too far off the mark. Tangentially pertinent statement: There was news of a study not too long ago that said if you hang out with obese friends, you are more likely to become obese. No cite, but it played on 20/20 or some such. It makes some sense.

I don’t get the statement-“these fat dresses are ugly” and then saying that fat people can’t be beautiful. If the dresses are ugly, surely the desires of this moronic teenager are fulfilled with the ugly dresses? :confused:

Kids today. More inarticulate by the day. :rolleyes: I don’t necessarily agree with the opinions expressed by the 16 year old moron or the guest, but they are entitled to them. I see no reason to provide universal approval (aka PC-ness) in my conversations at the mall. Clearly, though, the moron was not just talking to her friend, she was speaking loudly enough to be overheard by others. Not prudent.
Re the whole fat thing and clothes thing: please god, if you are fat (no, I won’t pander and say chubby or overweight or heavyset), please, for the love of Mike, dress nicely in clothes that fit you. Please don’t cram yourself into a size 10 pair of jeans (not only fat people do this–there are a whole mess of size 8s out there crammed into size 4 jeans as well). Everyone should take some care with their appearance, no matter their weight. All that said, some of the fashions for the larger among us are quite ugly. Paying consumers deserve better. (some of the fashions for the more average sized as also ugly–sometimes I hate designers).

WAG: “I am offended at seeing my fashions in sizes designed for fat women! They have no right to be fashionable!”