Drew Barrymore

She then added, “Oh, and I’m glad I’m rich.”

And she married Tom Green. [shuddering noise] gaaah!

So beautiful, so stupid.


And so completely besides the point as a person and an actress (unless you’re under 28 years old).

Thanks ever so much for sharing, Drew. :wally:

Last year People magazine had her as one of the most intruiging people of 2000. Intriguing is so not what I’d call Drew Barrymore, nor does she do anything for me looks-wise.

Someone was remarking elsewhere that she looks the same now as she did in ET, only with breasts. They said, “You’re watching ET and saying, ‘oh yeah, Drew Barrymore, rawr’ and suddenly ‘holy crap she’s, like, THREE!’ and you’re gouging your eyes out with a spoon.”

The editors of People magazine have a boundless capacity to be intrigued. They should set their aim a little higher, but they are incapable.