Drink identification (from ingredients)

A Facebook friend is asking about a drink recipe she likes. She’s forgotten the name of the drink. Here are the ingredients:
[li]brandy [/li][li]Kahlua [/li][li]rum [/li][li]milk [/li][li]vanilla ice cream[/li][li]nutmeg[/li][li]cinnamon[/li][/ul]

If it helps, it was at a “French” party, where they were pretending they were in Paris. It may also have been brought by some Canadians.

That’s either a variation on a brandy Alexander, of which there are many, or it’s a personal recipe of “Moose Milk.” Moose Milk isn’t supposed to have brandy or cinnamon, and it should have vanilla extract, but otherwise, that’s the recipe.

I’m the frou frou type who orders a lot of fruit and ice cream drinks when the bar is stocked to serve them.

ETA: IIRC, Moose Milk is a Canadian thing.