Drivers record and points

Today I had to appear in court for speeding and the judge ended up giving me a fine and 3 points on my record. I’ve never had points before, what does this mean? Do all states use the same “point” system? And how do I remove them from my record?


Points are a rating system the Insurance companys, the DMV, and the police use to rate your driving. Insurance companys can use it against you to raise your insurance rates, if you get too many points the DMV can take your license away, and the next time the police look up your record he will see you have 3 points on your record. The points stay on your record for a certain amount of time, in Michigan it’s 2 yrs, then they fall off.

You don’t give your location but check with your local DMV, their web site if they have one, to see how the point system works. As Nascar 6 notes, of greatest practical concern is the rise in your insurance rates when it’s time to renew. That is, unless you’re a frequent offender and get your license revoked.