Driving Relaxes me?

Hi everyone.

I had a rough time last night/today/yesterday with a break up and I am taking it unusually well. Not that I am complaining. I was so edgy and hurt and angry and confused whether or not to get back with this person. I decided to go for a drive for about 2 hours, I just listened to music, drove around in the rain and as soon as I came back, everything became clear. Focus on myself, further myself and enjoy that nobody can tell me what to do. I feel great after the drive.


My question is, this isn’t the first time driving has calmed me down, is this a common thing? Have there been any studies on the matter? Is it because of it being almost hypnotizing? Does anyone else get this? It works better on me than anti-anxiety medication. It almost helps me figure everything out, is this a thing? Or is it just me? I mean it really heals all wounds for me.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

I find driving around at random to be soothing. I have to stick to the back roads, if I’m on the highways or freeways I fall into hurry-up mode. (It’s weird; I don’t mind getting stuck behind farm equipment on the back roads, but put me behind a tractor-trailer that is only going the speed limit on a freeway and I get all bothered.)

I still keep paper maps in the car so that I can just hop in and go without previously planning a route. One of my sisters has this syndrome too.

It’s kind of surprising what you can spot when you’re just meandering across the countryside. Between scenery and, “Oh, there’s a museum,” it’s always something.

Yeah, if I’m upset or stressed out, I’ll get in the car and drive for an hour or two. Always on back roads, not highways. It is calming and enjoyable. It’s even better on a motorcycle, but I haven’t had a cycle for many years. With a GPS in the car, I don’t have to worry a bit about getting lost. If I get somewhere unknown and I’m ready to go home, I hit “go home” on the GPS.

When I drive to work, I keep the radio off because I like the quiet time. It also help me clear my head before I dive into the pressure chamber that is my job.
Kind of like meditating.

I do this 1-3 times per week, to my fave tunes too of course. Yes, awesome destresser/energy booster.

WAG: This “works” because driving the car takes enough of your focus that you don’t have attention left to devote to what’s worrying you or stressing you out.

Plus, you’re doing something where you have control. And you’re moving, which provides at least an illusion that you’re getting away from your troubles.

How many parents have taken a colicky / cranky baby for a ride? Even when you can’t see outside, the movement & motor vibrations are soothing.