Drumroll please....welcome our newest member!

I have finally turned my roommate over to the darkside that is the SDMB. This is so exciting!

Anyways, her name is dabrota , for reasons that are about as clear as those for my own username. Without further ado, I’ll let her introduce herself!


Welcome to the boards, dabrota!

Welcome, dabrota! Be prepared to spend almost every free moment of your waking time on the SDMB :smiley:

So ummm… where is she?

and is she cute and/or available?

Okay, I was a little hasty - due to the email notification problem, she cannot get onto the boards right now. Hopefully this will be solved in fairly short order. I have told her about this thread and she will be along as soon as is possible.

Oh, and furt - she is pretty cute, but sadly unavailable.

[sub]Although I am, dammit, why is there never any flirting for me?[/sub] :frowning:

Well…that certainly took me long enough…

Now I understand the mysterious grey screens that are always appearing on my roommate’s computer…and the odd references to why William H. Macy would make a good Smithers…

Thank you for the lovely welcome, roomie. And here I find you pimping me on the web? Well, keep up the good work!

So…talk to me people, I’m bound to be here more and more, seeing as my homework isn’t likely to start being done any time soon.


PS: Kudos and chocolate chip cookies to anyone who can actually determine WHERE my nick originates from…someone out there has to be as geeky as me…I know you can do it! :wink:

Availability is negotiable. It always is.

Oops. Don’t know what came over me.



Excellent! The transformation has begun!

“Dabrota” is Russian for “goodness,” isn’t it?

Welcome to the boards, dabrota! What lel said was just about accurate, so you better watch out! And a fellow Vancouverite, to boot… cool!

Hope to see you around more!

Da meaning You (er well, not really or at all).
Brota meaning Appears (Spanish)

So it’s you appear ???

Sheesh. Leave it to me to try picking up chicks in Vancouver for crying out loud. Only a %$@*& continent away.

Of course, if you want to come here, I can get you into Disneyworld free…

So, dabrota gets a heroine’s welcome? Geez, my first post was answered with a resounding “Bite me, jerk.”

Oh, uh, I mean, er, Welcome, dabrota!

Well, jackelope, if it makes you feel any better, my first 200 posts were answered with resounding indifference. Hopefully a less painful fate is in store for my lovely roommate.

Anyways, I’m glad she is finally here, and both of us owe a great debt to the wonderful TubaDiva for helping her over the old confirmation email hump. Thanks Tuba!


Well, maybe I’ll take you up on the Disneyworld tour, furt. My mom lives in Alabama (shudder) and I keep thinking one day I should go visit her…and if I’m going that far, Florida is really only a hop-skip-jump away…

And dropzone’s on the right track! Dabrota is Russian, and it does me ‘goodness’…but it’s a literary reference. Well, perhaps not literature. But it was in a book :slight_smile:

Maybe I am the only hopeless nerd that read it though. Sigh.

One day my prince will come.

Hello, dabrota, I’m new too. This place is addicting. I love it, it’s so refreshing rather than the music postboards I’ve been lurking on.

Hiya dabrota! Lolababy is right, this place is addicting :slight_smile:

Welcome, dabrota, you already started a thread on Casting your life; so is meyer really like Janeane Garofolo? Because a lot of us male Dopers find Janeane irresistable. although I’m personally unavailable Anyway, welcome aboard, good to see you jump right in.

furt, I’m not cute, single or female, but it’d be great if you can get my family into Dizzyworld free next time we’re in Orlando. And dabrota, maybe you can get us all into Stanley Park for free next time we’re in Vancouver ;). That’s such a lovely spot.

Yeah, she is…there’s an essence about the girl that has that wonderful sense of humour, with a very precise and no-nonsense view of the world that says Janeane Garofolo to me. She is the best roommate in the world :smiley:

Hehehe…no problem - you can walk in for free! Now, here’s the real trick…could probably get you in to see a theatre show for free! Do ya like improv?:stuck_out_tongue: