Drunk Infield Girl - But Can She Cook?

Drunk, blonde and hot - if this chick can cook I’m headed to kentucky!

Bah…I can handle my own cooking; the real question is can she screw?

I’ve been to the derby - if you think she’s hot, you need to hightail it down to Louisville pronto. She’s about a 6 compared to the general Kentucky populace.

Is she at the Derby with a Mexican gang?

I was at the Keenland races last year. The slob in that video was nothing compared to the hotties that were strutting their stuff at Keenland.

So yea, head for Lexington in the spring.

Lot’s of girls can cook. Can she hang drywall? That’s what you want to find out. :smiley:

Meh. Any woman who can’t pull off wearing a hat at the Kentucky Derby gets no respect from me.

I have been in the infield at Churchill Downs many a time. She was barely getting started for most people there.

Now I need a Mint Julep!

I suspect you’d be called upon to hold her hair while she’s puking.

I don’t get it.


This is probably a good exemplar of the median quality youtube video, though.

I haven’t, but my reaction on watching the video was that if she’s noteworthy in any way, the Kentucky Derby is a lot less decadent and depraved than it used to be.

It’s still pretty depraved.

What I don’t understand is the complete lack of “put the fucking camera away, dipshit” from the group she was with…

From here it appears to have been put up wet.

I assumed that the videographer was one of the group she was with.

Huh…never thought of that. Makes a lot more sense, though, given the lack of people get their camcorders anally inserted.