Drunken young lawyer burns 9/11 shrine

Oh, I have no doubts on that front. It’s rare to find an attorney who can’t handle their liquor, but the rates of alcoholism seem higher. In fact, in some googling after this post this morning(dreading the reaction of some of our resident attorneys) I discovered that not only have others noticed the higher rates of alcohol abuse among attorneys, but that it’s reasonably well researched.

Even in the relatively sodden UK, lawyers with alcoholism issues are prevalent.

And there is this personal story of a former attorney who reached a very high level in his profession even while battling alcoholism.

And then there was this, from an article published in 1990 in the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry(scanned PDF, typos are likely to be my own)

I’ve often wondered about why so many celebrities wind up addicts. I guess if money isn’t an obstacle, and you have a big ego, as many celebrities and attorneys do, then you think you can handle it or that you deserve to feel good, so you hit the booze or drugs. I still think the person in question in the OP deserves approbation, but there’s something bigger out there, and if we don’t look into it and try to resolve it, then we’re just doing our citizens who choose to be attorneys a disservice.


On Being a Happy, Healthy, and Ethical Member of an Unhappy, Unhealthy, and Unethical Profession

Not only were we thinking along the same lines, apparently we were looking at the same study(conducted in Washington and Arizona). :slight_smile:


Sorry for that - I didn’t preview. :wink:


Believe me, there are a lot of lower bottoms than that. I’ve heard one guy tell of an office intervention by a SWAT team for drug trafficking, and ending up in Attica prison, later burning your ex-wife’s house down then stealing your lawyer’s car to head to Mexico with a suitcase full of conterfeit money and amphetamines (and ending up in Attica again), and even later awakening from a blackout at 30,000 feet in the cockpit of a military aircraft with two drunk hookers and a military pilot who is passed out cold, and you don’t know how to fly! (surprisingly, no jail time there but that’s a whole 'nuther story).

Of course, that was 3 separate drinking binges.

It says he’s a native of Texas.

I see.

Wow. I’ve done some legal volunteer work in New Orleans, and the hangovers just from visiting the city have sometimes done a number on my productivity. How one would manage with actually going to school there - these people must be made of stern stuff indeed.

some names, dates, cites if you have them please. sounds too good not to read about

I have to agree with that sentiment. How freaking drunk did he get? I’ve been totally wasted and never considered doing anything that is without a doubt illegal! He was supposed to be a lawyer? Yet he thinks a prank is arson? Screw him.

Yeah, there are some things that are never okay as pranks, drunk or not. Peeing on a cop car for example is really stupid and gross, but nowhere near this heinous. Setting fire to something just heads into the realm of dangerous. And setting fire to 9/11 stuff? WTF?

Hey, they don’t call it Alcoholics Anonymous for nothing.

you mean it never made the newspapers?

The first two events did, but I don’t believe the third one did.

I got the impression from the article he didn’t know it was a 9/11 chapel, just that it was “something to arson”.

Okay, but still. Arsoning anything is insane. Who gets drunk enough to the point where they think putting people in danger is acceptable?


Rock Bottom.

Well played, sir! Well played indeed!

Underline mine, I think you mean “opprobium.”

Oh yes, nothing but stupidity comes from Texas. :rolleyes: