DS9's Odo

Odo, the shape-shifting constable on DS9, can change form and shape, including shrinking himself down to the size of a mouse or a drinking glass. In the case of the drinking glass, Odo also can mimic the glass’ mass.

When Odo shifts from his humanoid form…a form with the mass and volume of a humanoid…where does all the extra volume and mass go?

In the same pocket dimension used to power the transporters Heisenburg compensators.

Odo’s natural form is a liquid, and liquids take the form of their container . . . but gasses expand to the shape of their container . . . ignoring the obvious “he must be full of hot air” joke . . . and ignoring Cecil’s column about whether frozen milk actually weighs more than liquid milk . . .

Well, since his name is a shortened form of “odo-etal”, the Cardassian word for “nothing”, he shouldn’t have any size or mass at all. So any time you see Odo on the show, it must be your imagination. He’s nothing. He’s not really there. That’s all you need to know.

Whatever the explanation is, I bet my soul that it involves the words “quantum” and “subspace”.

Odo is hollow. like the cheap chocolate bunnies

When Odo changes shape, he reverses his polarity. This explains everything.

IIRC, his name is actually short for the Cardassian for “unknown sample”.

I’m pretty sure Daniel’s right and it means “nothing”. Let me try to scrounge up a cite.

I’m sure you can find out if you modify your tricorder.

Daniel and Dragonblink are both right.

It literally means ‘nothing’, but is used to mean ‘unknown sample’ by Cardassian scientists.

You forgot “main deflector”. Mr. Odo’s, I understand, was quite…substantial.

O’course, rumors, you know…