DubDope2000: The Hags with the Bags

I’ll show you these when you get over.

Dates-Times-Plans and a competition to determine who has to buy the first round.

you’ll find it ALL in here folks!!

After the flurry of e-mails this afternoon, I’m still not sure what I’m doing! I’ve gone ahead and made reservations for the 10-13th of October, but nothing I can’t change. I’m just going to see what everybody else is doing then plan around that.

And I thought the hosts were going to buy the first round - Irish hospitality and all that. :slight_smile:

Ok, The 11th seems like the best date for the fest…

Trion will be here with his Good Lady Wife, Tatertot, Globe-trotter, Michilin, Ruadh, Yojimbo and myself… I wonder who I’m forgetting… probably dosent matter…


Ok, now it’s my turn to be confused. When’s ColdSore arriving, then?

Hey guys.

Sounds good. Like I said, the 11th or 12th is great. Probably the 11th being better so we can sleep things off on the 12th. :wink:

When will Coldie be there?

Actually, the 11th doesn’t work for me … I’ll be at Lansdowne Road watching Ireland do battle with the mighty Estonia.

Are any of the visitors going to be around at the weekend before or following the 11th?

For the record:

I’ll be getting into Dublin on the 8th and leaving on the morning of the 13th. The week before (1st through 7th) I’ll be in England and thus away from my computer. I’m really sorry if this is inconvenient for anyone.

Any time while we are in Dublin is fine for us to get together with other Dopers.

Coldfire will be arriving on the evening of the 12th according to a mail he sent me .

With ruadh doing the football thing and Coldy not here till the 12th and people leaving on the 13th it looks like the 12th is the only real option .

I’m good from the thurs night till the sun night . Micilin AFAIK is cool with any date .

Where in England?

I’m near London.

Hi fierra!

We will be spending some time in London (as well as some time away from the city), but right now it doesn’t look like we’ll have much time to socialize durring that leg of our trip. Partly this is because we overbooked our “things-to-do” list but mostly it’s because our “London time” is centered around our anniversary. Thus there’s a lot of romatic couple stuff.

I really hate to say no to people about this kind of thing, so I’m really sorry. But the anniversary comes first.

Okay, I just checked with ebookers, and a midweek flight into Dublin is going to cost me $400, double what I would have paid. :frowning:

But, never fear, I’m just going to fly into Shannon and take a bus or train into Dublin…$50 round trip, baby!! Now, if one of you Dublin Dopers would be so kind as to find out a phone number or website so that I can check schedules & figure out how I’m going to get to Dublin, I’d be much obliged.

So…when is everybody leaving? I’m thinking now, if Coldfire isn’t coming until the 12th, then I’ll do the same so I can spend another day with Mr. Tot. I do want to see the sights, and it would be nice to have some company. Hint, Hint.

Next year, I am going to stay put and everybody is coming here, understand? :slight_smile:

Ruadh, you wont be able to join us afterwards? either the 11th or the 12th will suit me fine.whenever we have the most people here should be the best night!!

I am arriving at 19:20 local time on October 12, as Yojimbo already said. Trion, it looks like you’re gonna have to sleep on the plane :smiley:

Anyone else is OK with the 12th as the date for the Big Party? Bear in mind that I (and possibly due to this, Yojimbo as well) won’t be in downtown Dublin before 21:30 or something - but I’ll leave the estimating of that up to the locals.

I hear the pubs close rather early in Ireland, much like in the UK… are there any good clubs or (even better!) afterhours bars where we can really waste some of that superfluous money?

Tater, I ended up paying NLG 500 (DEM 450 / EUR 220) for my ticket A’dam-Dublin. However, I’m touching down in Machester on the way in, and at Heathrow on the way out…

But at least it’s a BA flight. My other option was Air Frog via Charles de Gaulle… the horror!

Seeing as the 12th is a thursday, Drinking until 12.30am, plenty of clubs. I’ll have had my 21st birthday so access to said clubs shouldn’t be a problem (unless they’re all posh and demand 23’s ID) Plenty of places to drink!

Any day between Oct. 9th and 16th works for me. Well, perhaps not the 9th, as I’ll be too jet lagged. I wouldn’t want to fall asleep at the table after a few beers. I do have a rep to protect. :wink:

Besides, what’s stopping us from partying more than once? :smiley:

The 12th is fine for us. Sleeping on the plane it is. Or at least recovering on the plane. Our flight out is at 11:00 am so we may get some sleep. :wink:

11th and 12th are great! Count me in!

For tatertot (hello tatertot!):


Gives contact info and rough times for getting from Shannon to whereever you want (the info’s hidden somewhere behind the a-z index button for some reason).

11th or 12th October? Midweek booze-up? Wahey! :cool:

Does anyone else get the feeling that this is going to end up starting on the 12th and finishing on the 15th? :smiley:

Works for me! :smiley: