Dubya Drivin' Drunk...does it matter?

1976…DUI Arrest for W, how much importance should this have in the current prez race? Early spin seems to be asking (a) why is this released 5 days before election, (b) why did the Bush campaign not deal with this a long time ago…


Hopefully, it will have very little effect on the outcome of the election. I mean, really, there are so many perfectly valid reasons not to vote for the man already.

(a) Because, like it or not, there IS such a thing as bad publicity, and whoever released the story in question doubtlessly knew that the “news” would negatively affect wossisname’s standings in the polls.

(b) Hmmm. Competently run. Bush campaign. Nope, can’t fit them both in the same sentence, sorry.

I thought it was a DWI…

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David B used me as a cite!*

DWI = Driving While Intoxicated
DUI = Driving Under the Influence

I think it varies from state to state.



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David B used me as a cite!*

Well, I might have to give you an argument on this…Any campaign that may very well get such an imbecile elected to the highest political office in the world gets a certain amount of grudging respect in my book.

Can’t argue with that…


Pretty late in the campaign, too late to run ads showing a drunk President fumbling with the nuclear attack codes.

One has to wonder about the character issue - why not bring out this relatively simple arrest? Is there more here, does it include cocaine? What happens when things get tough?

Maybe like Henry Hyde (homewrecker) W can claim it was all a “youthful indiscretion”.

Don’t worry though, the man who claimed today that Social Security is not a Federal program (and he can make that wish come true with a GOP Congress) should win easily on Tuesday.

…as Satan beats his wings with delight…

I am shocked, shocked that anybody would think this incident interesting at this late date. And anybody who would stoop so low as to use the arrest report as his wallpaper is a bounder indeed.

Hmmm…I think we’ve had discussions on this board (and I’ve heard it debated elsewhere) whether or not a parent should disclose all their youthful mistakes to their kids. Some parents decide to not tell their kids, because it’ll give the kids the “excuse” to do it themselves. Looks like W is claiming that this is his reason for not disclosing this detail. Which, surprised me. I didn’t expect that to be his reason. But, I think I believe him. I’ve heard other parents say that their kids don’t need to know all the shitty things they’ve done when they were young, either. This is a philosophy many parents have, and I don’t really disagree or agree with it - each parent is entitledd to make that decision for themselves.

W already admitted that he screwed up when he was drinking, and has admitted that he didn’t have a “perfect record”. So I think for a lot of us, this drunk driving thing is not some dramatically new bit of information. It fits with what he’s already admitted. And, give him credit - back then, he didn’t try to get Dad to get him out of it. He paid his fine, admitted it at the time, had his license suspended, etc. etc. And it was 24 years ago, before he “dried up” and “saw the error of his ways”. I think it shouldn’t make a big impact on the outcome of the election.

With the exceptions of treason, murder, or child molestation, I think that anything someone did 25 years ago should not be taken into evidence as to whether that person can be a good leader today.

As a Texan, I take issue with quite a few of Bush’s policies as Governor. I will not vote for the man for any public office.

But this 24-year-old DUI thing is just silly.


I don’t think we should make a big deal out of it. If the shoe was on the other foot, and Gore was the drunk driver, Dubya wouldn’t try to take advantage of it, would he?

Personally, I think the fact that the big mallethead didn’t disclose this right from the get go indicates that he is too incompetent to run his campaign well. Why should we let him run the country?

If W had released this early (i.e. last year sometime) he could have spun it to his advantage by emphasizing his “redemption” and “personal growth”. How could he realistically believe it wouldn’t come out?

And Gore would be an idiot to slam him with it. People will draw their own conclusions. Using it like a stick makes Gore look mean. All Gore has to do is deny any involvement with the release and let matters take their own course.

Couldnta happened to a nicer guy. Lousy hypocrite.

No kidding – look what they did for Reagan. Worst president in decades and they’ve practically sanctified him now. Gotta admire the skill of those Republican Spinmeisters. 'Course you expect a certain eerie level of frightening expertise when you sell your soul to Satan…

I just find it interesting that many of the same people saying it doesn’t matter now, were the same ones who said that Clinton smoking pot DID matter.

It matters more to me that this came out so close to the election. I am not a raving fan of the democrats, but this is the type of stuff that kills the whole process. It is impossible to get more good candidates for office, because some of the best candidates have a less than perfect record.

I gained respect for GW tonight by admitting this immediately and coming out and facing the press personally, in an informal face to face setting. He may have changed my vote tonight from Browne to Bush. If Clinton had done this a couple of times during the last eight years, this country could have been spared a lot of pain.

I predict that Bush will gain respect from this, and Gore will lose votes to Nader. If this has any effect on the actual results, it will tip in favor of Bush.

How old are his daughters now? And at no point did he find them mature enough to tell them something he could have guessed was going to come out anyway. I think that keeping secrets form your kids is np excuse for keeping secrets from the public when you are running for public office.

That said, I don’t think it matters too much…except that I like to see Bush squirm.

I’m not quite sure that this reaches the level of “keeping secrets” from the public. He was asked about it, and he admitted it.
To get to keeping secrets I think you would have to throw in a bunch of lawyers, delaying tactics, ignoring court orders and the Supreme Court.

Oh wait…that was Clinton. This should contrast him nicely to the last 8 years and algore’s “Ice tea” defense about the Buddhist temple fundraiser.

Does not matter too much. “W” kinda loses a bit of credability with the “hang 'em high crowd”, tho. Will lose a few votes from the MADDers, but that is certainly fair. Might mean as much as a whole % point in some States. But let’s be fair- it was a long time ago.
BUT- I am kinda worried he did not divulge this, when asked- he really should have, especially after all the grief he gave Gore about “lying”. So, the drunk-driving… no big deal- the LYING about it- that’s more of a problem. There is where this will hurt. He tried to take the “moral high ground”- only to find out there was quicksand there.

I would file “telling my children not to drink and drive while not discloseing (even once they were far into adulthood) that I myself had a brush with said act” counts as a lie. I won’t say if that is an okay “white lie” or not…but it doesnt seem like much of an excuse for keeping things secret.