Duhbya wearing a unit citation he didn't earn??

Tell me it ain’t so!


Isn’t Kerry being blasted for medals the swifties say he didn’t earn? Surely they will pick up on this…Right?

Not sure…Walt still doesn’t have a copy of regulation in force at time of picture.


The partisan in me is hoping - nay, praying - that this turns out to be on the level and Bush gets a royal public reaming over it, but the realist in me is thinking this is most likely someone’s photoshoped revenge for the bogus Kerry-Fonda photos that have been floating around for the last few months.

Someone needs to take the folks from both the DU and the CU, shake them by their grubby little necks, and explain to them that their fucking Mega-Avatars make it impossible to look at their sites without feeling an urge to puke your guts out.
As far as I can tell, behind all that glitz, the story is still slightly up in the air.

DEMS: “Kerry’s great, 'cuz he was a hero in Vietnam!”
REBS: “Well, maybe he wasn’t THAT great a hero…”
DEMS: “Why are you making such a big fuss about what happened thirty years ago?!? Stick to the issues, like the fact that thirty years ago Bush wore medals that weren’t his!”
REBS: “Sigh.”

SPOOFE: When exactly did line three happen? As far as I know, we’re all still pretty keen on Kerry’s war record over on here the left.

Well, its thursday time for another pitting of december\\\\\\\\\Reeder Bush Bash.


I’m sorry you seem to be mistaken it goes like this.

Rep: “Kerry’s record in the Senate doesn’t mean he’d make a good decisive leader”
Dems: But he has all these metals from Vietnam
Rep: Those medals are bullshit he’s a liar that made all of that up. We even have all these guys that served with him.
Dems: But none of those guys served under him…and oh wow look all all these documents comming to light supporting Kerry’s story.
Rep: He’s still lying and unfit for command.
Dems: Seems like he has more experience then your guy. BTW not to beat a dead horse but what was YOUR guy up to during vietnam?
Rep: He was serving our country in the national guard! Plus who cares what happened 30 years ago.

spoofe, did you EVER have any credibility around here?

While Kerry was in command of his swift boat, crewmates that were his responsibility were injured, and damage inflicted upon US government property.i.e., Lt. Kerry’s ass.

During Lt. Bush’s time in the TANG, none of the crew of Lt. Bush’s airplane were, in any way, harmed. No Viet Cong aircraft inflicted any damage on Texas while Texas was under his protection.

Case closed. Praise the Leader!

That it was a single-seat fighter had nothing to do with that, though.

Anyway, I am entitled to wear one (maybe two) AFOUAs (I’m not sure), and I had had no idea that I was entitled to them until a few months after they were awarded. Hell, when I was in Tech School there was a major controversy as to whether Guard/Reserve students were even entitled to wear the National Defense Service Ribbon, and everyone gets that.

There are any number of reasons why he might have had that ribbon on, not the least of which could have been confusion. It’s tough to be assiduous in documenting all of your awards, because half the time the Air Force doesn’t even know what they gave you, and that is no joke.

There are penalties for wearing a ribbon you are unentitled to, but due to the circumstances I just mentioned they usually only enforce them for major awards, like the Medal of Honor, Air Force Cross, Silver Star, stuff like that, stuff that’s pretty rare and isn’t commonly awarded. In fact, just laying your hands on a Medal of Honor is well nigh impossible unless you earn it.

This might have been a mistake. Some people said it might have been Photoshopped. Or it might have been intentional and arrogant. We’ll find out.

Hah! It’s like the retarded and small-minded pot calling the kettle black!

That isn’t a unit citation. Given my vast experience with things military (Air Force brat - 1956-63) I can tell you without hesitation that that is the Dental Valor Award.

What’s that awarded for? Smiling in the face of adversity?

He spilled his ice cream cone on his uniform and borrowed his buddy Jorge Rush’s jacket.

Really getting sick of this who got what, did or didn’t do crap. Sure it’s worth mentioning but I’m SO glad this is getting more attention that the true matters at hand.

Both sides need to let it go.

Im more concerned with GWB wearing a TITLE he didnt earn…

Just kidding, i have no problems with Georgie, just wanted to make the joke.

Good work, Brutus – nice to see you’ve taken the first step and admit you have a problem.

Eh, lissener isn’t a problem so much as an annoyance. You know all about being an annoyance, don’t you?

I don’t know what fomented your hatred of kettles, but please try to be more sensitive of their feelings. They may not appreciate the comparison.

Wow, Reeder, way to fight on behalf of ignorance. I thought you said you were ex-military, and you don’t even know what a unit citation is? Snopes people are discussing it here. If Barbara can find the wherewithall to loosen her left-wingnut a bit, she might put something on the site soon.