Dumb question amnesty

Let’s not go through life ignorant because we can’t bring ourselves to ask the “dumb” questions. Y’know, those questions which you are embarrassed you don’t know but are too lazy to look up. The sort of questions you’d be ashamed to post in GQ

In this thread you may post ANY question without fear of being thought stupid.

I’ll start. What are the rules to American Football? I’ve watched it on TV here in England a few times and it makes my head hurt :confused:

This isn’t dumb just un-necessary. A simple search engine perusal will answer this one easily.

TheVoiceofReason meet Google. Google meet TheVoiceofReason.


for rules of football


If I could say, my “friend” asked me this and I didin’t know how to answer…
How the hell do you dispose of a worn-out vibrator? Make some sort of abstact sculpture out of it? Toss it in the top of the neighbor’s trash? Drive it to the dump yourself? Sell it off on E-bay? what???

BTW, a search on this was NO help…trust me here…

I don’t know about how to dispose of one, but if you have a problem wearing out vibrators, then maybe there’s something else I could help you with :wink:

Football is as close as we can come to war without actually killing people, also it pays 1000 times as much to its participants who are only 1/1000[sup]th[/sup] as smart as actual captains & generals. And sometimes football still ends up killing people.

Like war, it’s a land acquisition game. The object is to beat the shit out of the other guy & steal their land.