Dumbest Reason to LIKE a Movie

Skald the Rhymer started a popular post Dumbest Reasons to Dislike a Movie.

That got me thinking… what’s the dumbest reason to LIKE a movie?

I mean, this has to be pretty much the only reason to like the movie. It can’t be some movie you already like for other reasons, but there happens to be a dumb one thrown in there.

For example:
I like Batman and Robin purely because I’m fascinated with how large Uma Thurman’s hair is. I watch it and marvel.

My fiancee likes Center Stage only because he likes the tear-away tutu. (I happen to love the movie.)

I like Delirious because Robert Wagner just mysteriously comes and goes… it’s odd.

I just bought a copy of the 2005 Amityville Horror remake. Because Ryan Reynolds is shirtless in it a lot. Don’t judge me too harshly, it was $4.

Has boobs.

Gratuitous hot sex scene.

Oh wait, you said dumbest reason to like a movie.

I love the going to Mars movie with Val Kilmer (the space janitor).

Mainly for two lines. The first one, where things are only really bad where he says something to the effect “my math teacher was right, math would one day save my life”.

The other one is near the end, where things are really really bad and many really bad things have already happend. He gives the planet “the bird” and proclaims “I hate this fucking planet”. Interestingly enough the sci fi channel edited this part out.

Oh, and the dancing/talking Russian software bear saying “nyet” over and over was pretty good too.

I sort of love My Bloody Valentine 3D even though I know it’s bad. Because it has Jensen, and a midgit getting pinned to the celine by a pick axe while a naked chick watches from under the bed. In 3D.

So I Married an Axe Murderer. Three words. “Heed! Move! NOW!”

I liked the Ang Lee Hulk because of the radioactive giant poodle. It moved like a poodle (unsurprising because of the mocap) but it also was the smart dog that figured out fighting the Hulk wasn’t a good idea. Go try to fight the woman in the car. Much easier!

I see this all the time on DVDTalk. Someone will hate a movie but buy the DVD because it is fully loaded with extras.

There are several movies that I know are shitty, but I have an affection for them because I loved them as a child or had a memorable experience with or even met the cast or director and they were interesting in person. A couple examples of the latter are Last House on the Left (original) and Ilsa She Wolf of the SS. I was at a Cinema Wasteland Drive-in Expo and the four baddies from Last House did a live commentary over a 16mm showing. It was irreverent and fun in complete contrast to the film and somehow I now view the film differently. For Ilsa, I got to meet Dyanne Thorn (star), Don Edmonds (the Director) and David Friedman (Producer and all-around-legend) and hearing how they made the film and exploited it (and other films), it’s hard not to have a real appreciation of its place in film history.

I don’t know if these really qualify, but the films are reprehensible and amateurish and I like them for reasons almost totally unrelated to the films themselves.

Not a movie, but I used to like to watch the Nanny (tv) just to see Fran’s outfits.

Yeah! Panavision! Woo hoo!

Awrite! Kodak film! YAY!

I own George of the Jungle (with Brendan Fraser), Tarzan (with Casper van Dien) and 300 for one reason. Loincloths. If a movie involves Loincloths, I will most likely purchase it. (and possibly watch it on mute).

The very first thing that came to my mind, except I would include the whole scene(S A T U RRR D A Y NIGHT!)

Also the last shot in The Blair Witch Project makes what is a pretty dull movie worth watching.

I recently realized that I had grown up a little when I was combing through the $4 DVD bin at Walmart and decided against buying Unfaithful and The Gift despite them having marvelous nude scenes (Diane Lane and Katie Holmes, respectively).

I didn’t know whether to be proud or sad. But I saved $8.

Wow, really? An homage to Frank Zappa’s Cheepnis in an Ang Lee movie! Did he just borrow the giant poodle, or lift some of the lines?

Twice, while browsing my neighborhood video rental store did I hear some rationales that seemed rather dumb to me:

  1. “C’mon! This is an indie movie and doesn’t have any big stars in it.”

  2. “Does it have fours stars and two thumbs up? OK, get it.” (I should mention that the woman who said that didn’t even look at the box her pre-adolescent son was holding out to her. I glimpsed it, it happened to be Se7en.)

I really loved this line.

One movie that I liked, simply because of something stupid was The American President with Michael Douglas. His speach at the end does me in every time. The rest of that movie I could care less about but when I see it on TV, I make a mental note to return to that channel right before that speech.

I have no idea! Now I must find this Cheepnis somewhere. For poodle!

I have watched many movies simply for the (male) eye candy.

I dont know anything about The Gift, seeing that I’m under a court order to no longer watch films with Katie Holmes in them, but I don’t understand the implied criticism of Unfaithful here. It would be a marvelous film even if [del]the goddess Aphrodite[/del] Diane Lane were clothed throughout.

There’s a difference between a movie that is a good movie, that also features boobs, and a movie which has no further redeeming qualities than having boobs.

Compare Unfaithful to oh say…Baywatch.